Investing in Alcântara Real Estate

If you’re planning to invest in real estate in Portugal, Alcântara is the prime location to consider. Why do we say so? Let’s check it out.

Alcântara is a beautiful riverside district. It lies along the Tagus river and is also close to the city center. Moreover, with the rise of industries in the nearby regions, the district has been constantly and significantly enhanced. Thus, making it one of the ideal locations for you to settle down for a better quality of life.

The district is blessed with various types of properties and magnetic spots that increase its favourability. Let’s explore these properties and attractions!

Why Buy a House in Alcântara

As explained above, Alcântara is a great location to buy property as it delivers a better quality of life. Other than that, there are countless reasons to bet on Alcântara, such as:

  • Quiet Neighbourhood
  • Easy and faster access to all the important areas of Lisbon
  • Cultural diversity
  • Property prices are affordable, rental as well as purchase.
  • A lot of cool spots to visit within the district.

Types of Houses in Real Estate Alcântara

Let’s deal with the elephant in the room. There are various types of houses in Alcântara to choose from, such as:

One-Bedroom Apartment

The base price of a one-bedroom apartment in Alcântara begins from €200,000, and it can go up to €500,000. These offer you an area of 60-80 m2. You can buy the one that fits your needs. 

Two-Bedroom Apartment

The price of a two-bedroom apartment begins from around €350,000 and goes over €600,000. The average area of these apartments based on the price range is 80-130 m2.

Three-Bedroom Apartment

For those who’ve got a loose budget, you can invest in a three-bedroom apartment. These offer you an area of over 200 m2 and can cost over €1 million.


Alcântara also has some of the best penthouses for you to purchase. The purchase price of a penthouse in Alcântara is over €4 million. These properties have four rooms along with ad-on facilities like a rooftop pool, additional parking spaces, and gardens.

For further reading on the property acquisition process, you can check out our ultimate guide on Buying Property in Portugal.

Things to Do in Alcântara

There are countless hotspots in Alcântara that are worth visiting in your leisure time like:

LX Factory

Situated at a 10 minutes walk from Tapada das Necessidades, LX Factory is a hub of cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops, and boutiques. One can go here to socialize and to shop.

Docas de Santo Amaro

An awesome place for enjoying drinks while watching the flowing water.

Museu da Carris

Visit the museum, and you can explore the history of the district as well as its transportation system.

Museu do Oriente

A perfect place for art lovers that features artifacts, ceramics, paintings, textiles, statues, etc., of the Asian culture.

The Ponte 25 de Abril

The landmark of Lisbon is the perfect place to snap a selfie with your friends and family.

Nearby Neighborhoods in Alcântara

If you want, you can also visit some of the nearby neighborhoods of Alcântara, such as:

  • Barrio Alto
  • Príncipe Real
  • Baixa and Rossio
  • Alfama and Graça

In the end, if you’ve made up your mind to invest in real estate Alcântara, do analyze everything elaborated above. We hope you’ve enjoyed the article. For further reading, check out our Alcântara Neighborhood guide.

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