Buying Property in Ankara:
The Ultimate Guide

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Ankara Overview

Region: Central Anatolia
Area: 24.521 km²
Population: 5.747.325
Proximity to Main Airports: 30 km

Reasons To Invest in Ankara Real Estate

Capital of Turkey

As the capital of Turkey, Ankara is a city of great urban organization, a civilized character, and order. It’s also advantageous in terms of offering excellent infrastructures of transportation and communication. 

Moreover, buying property in Ankara is beneficial for foreign investors because all the embassies are close by. 

Low Cost of Living

The cost of living in Ankara is much lower compared to that of Istanbul. The quality of life, on the other hand, is considerably good. In Ankara, the average monthly cost of living is around ₺7,000 for a single person, which is 14 percent cheaper than in Istanbul. These figures don’t include rent.

Convenient Property Prices

The properties in Ankara are fairly priced, although it’s the capital and the second-largest city in Turkey. Housing prices, for both rental and for-sale properties, are almost half of the prices in Istanbul.

On top of everything, Ankara is home to many architectural beauties, most of which you can come across in Cankaya. 

Good Transportation Network

The public transportation network in Ankara is quite convenient. The transportation infrastructure allows you to get around in the city without driving a car. You can take the bus, subway, or the dolmus to pretty much any location in the city. However, to go to certain places, you need to go to Kizilay in the city center first. 

Perfect Investment Opportunity

Buying property in Ankara is a highly profitable long-term investment. You can lease your property out or sell it in the future, which will provide you with a great income. 

Turkish Citizenship

One of the most charming benefits of investing in Ankara real estate is the opportunity you gain to apply for Turkish citizenship. The citizenship by investment program allows you to become eligible to apply for Turkish citizenship upon your purchase of a property that’s at least $400,000 in value. 

Great Location To Travel Across Turkey

Since the capital is located in the middle of the country, it’s easy to travel around from there. You can take the bus, the train, or fly to many parts of Turkey from Ankara effortlessly. Moreover, it’s a solid location to fly abroad as well, which is one of the most convenient reasons why foreign investors prefer to buy Ankara property for sale.

The upscale houses that are part of luxurious projects in Golbasi are a great attraction for foreign investors.

Best Neighborhoods To Buy Ankara Apartments for Sale


Cankaya is located in the center of the capital, as well as its cultural, diplomatic, economical, administrational, and social hub. 

Home to the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, ministries, embassies, well-equipped hospitals, and some of the best universities in the country, Cankaya is the heart of the capital, pumping blood to all its veins. The most popular neighborhoods in this great district are Kizilay, Ayranci, Oran, Gaziosmanpasa, and Bahcelievler.


As one of the much-favored neighborhoods in Cankaya, Oran offers a magnificent infrastructure of social amenities. All the facilities you may need are available in this part of the town: schools, banks, and hospitals; and all are of great quality. Due to this high standard of living the neighborhood provides, though, the properties are a little pricey.


Cayyolu is practically its own little city. It’s a peaceful neighborhood, further from the city center. With all its greenery, parks, restaurants, bars, and shopping malls, Cayyolu offers everything they need to its residents. Hence the residents pursue a sociable and happy life without going into town often.


Kecioren is a budget-friendly district as well as being the second largest in the city. This ever-developing district offers a low cost of living and affordable housing. Moreover, it’s very close to the center. 

The newly built residential buildings in Kecioren provide small-scale investors with the chance to buy functional and spacious brand-new apartments for affordable prices. 


Although Yenimahalle is another district that shows rapid growth, its greenery has been protected. Despite there’s abundance of buildings, the well-implemented urban planning of the district still allows the residents of Yenimahalle to enjoy beautiful landscapes. 


Golbasi is like the vacation district of Ankara. Known for its natural beauty and the laid-back rural life it offers, Golbasi is one of the most tranquil neighborhoods of inner Ankara.

Some of Ankara’s most famous recreational spaces such as Eymir and Mogan lakes and Beynam Atatürk Forest are in the Golbasi district.

Top 10 Activities To Do in Ankara

Although there’s a common misconception as to the capital being a dull city, in reality, Ankara is an enjoyable place. This is mainly due to the people of Ankara being very friendly. 

There are also many places to see and many activities you can do in Ankara. Find below the top 10 things you can do in the capital:

Roaming around in the Old Town of Ulus

Visiting the Ankara Castle

Visiting art galleries

Traveling around during weekends

Going to the parks

Seeing the Ethnography Museum

Enjoying Ankara’s brilliant cafes, bars, and restaurants

Eating "döner"

Spending the day at one of the many shopping malls

Getting a panoramic view of Ankara from the top of Atakule

Finding Houses for Sale in Ankara Turkey

Houses for sale in Ankara Turkey are usually listed online. You can check out many real estate website listings and contact real estate agents to help you get house viewing appointments. 

Another option to spot Ankara houses for sale is to hunt apartments by strolling the neighborhoods. There are typically “For Sale” signs hung on the windows of the available property. 

We strongly advise you to work with a professional real estate agent to avoid unpleasant experiences such as scams.

The Process of Buying Homes for Sale in Ankara Turkey

The process of buying Ankara property for sale is quite plain. Here’s the path to follow to become a house owner in the capital of Turkey:

Comprehensive online research

Thorough budget planning

Checking the online listings for Ankara houses for sale

Arriving in Ankara

Contacting a real estate professional

Getting property viewing appointments

Negotiating the price

Paying the demanded deposit

Signing the contract by reading through it with great attention to detail

Obtaining a tax number and the appraisal report

Getting a bank account opened

Acquiring the title deed

Get in Touch with an Expert in Ankara, Turkey

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    Ankara Apartments for Sale: Prices

    The prices of Ankara property for sale vary depending on the property characteristics like the location, type, and size. 

    The average property price in Ankara per square meter is $760 in the center and $520 outside the center, according to 2022 data.

    Ankara Turkey Real Estate: The Bottom Line

    Living in Ankara has countless perks, especially for those who enjoy an organized and cozy lifestyle. The capital offers many job opportunities and a high standard of living for a relatively low cost. Buying an Ankara property for sale, on top of all that, is an excellent investment in which you can make a considerable profit in the future. 

    Take action to live your dream life in a beautiful Ankara home by making an excellent real estate investment. Best of luck to you in building your new life!

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