The Ultimate Guide to Antalya Real Estate

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Buying Property in Antalya

Antalya Overview

Region: Mediterranean
Area: 20.177 km²
Population: 2.619.832
Proximity to Main Airports: 18 km

Perks of Buying Property in Antalya

Antalya offers anything you may be seeking in a city: vivaciousness, tranquility, social amenities, seaside lifestyle, and countless other perks.

Find below the advantages of investing in Antalya Turkey real estate:

Excellent Long-Term Investment

As one of the largest cities in Turkey, Antalya keeps rapidly developing, both economically and in terms of tourism. This constant growth results in liveliness in the real estate scene as well. Therefore, investing in Antalya real estate is a wise move for it’ll be highly profitable in the future. 

Moreover, there are sometimes properties for sale below their actual value. If you happen to come across one, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to multiply your investment sum.

Affordable Properties

Although it’s a hot destination in terms of real estate, the property prices in Antalya real estate are quite affordable, especially when compared to other big cities in Turkey. They’re incredibly convenient compared to those of the European cities, on the other hand. The further you go from the center in Antalya, the cheaper the properties get. 

Low Cost of Living

The cost of living varies depending on the district in Antalya: it drops as you move further from the center. Nonetheless, the average cost of living in Antalya is low, especially considering the fine quality of life that the city offers. Regardless of the neighborhood you choose to live in, your expenses in Antalya will be much lower than they’ll be in any European city.

Safety of the City

Antalya is one of the safest cities in Turkey. Offering an atmosphere of hospitality and tolerance, Antalya exhibits low rates of crime and violence and a high level of abidance to social rules. 

Great Education Facilities 

As the fifth largest city in Turkey, Antalya offers excellent educational facilities. There are both free educational institutions and private ones, all of which provide students with a comprehensive education. Each of these institutions in Antalya operates with excellent teaching staff, as well as the latest equipment. 

In addition to these schools, there are a few prestigious private and public universities in Antalya that offer a diversity of programs.

Turkish Citizenship by Investment

If you buy a real estate property in Antalya that’s worth at least $400,000, you become eligible to apply for citizenship by investment program in Turkey. Obtaining Turkish citizenship is very advantageous because you don’t need to renounce your national citizenship. Hence, you can enjoy the privileges of both sides.

Prosperous Historical Heritage

Antalya has been home to many civilizations since BC: the Lycians, Lydians, Pamphylians, Pergamon, Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks, and the Ottomans, respectively. Therefore, the center and periphery of the city are full of mesmerizing historical sights. 

Living Near the Beach

Life at the seaside has many perks such as simply sipping a drink against the stunning sea view or going to the beach on the weekends. 

Antalya has many blue flag beaches including Finike, Cleopatra, Damlataş, Kaputaş, and Kalkan. You can go for a swim whenever you feel like it or learn to scuba dive in the incredibly clear waters of Antalya if you live there. 

Food Culture

There’s not much to say about Turkey’s food culture: every meal is absolutely delicious. Antalya, peculiarly, is one of the places where the diverse food culture in Turkey shows itself magnificently. Dominantly composed of the yörük culture and Mediterranean culture, the food culture in Antalya is very rich. Some of the most famous delicious meals that are specific to Antalya are Cretan kebab with artichokes, stuffed ribs, Alanya bundle, and banana dessert.

Dominantly composed of the yörük culture and Mediterranean culture, the food culture in Antalya is very rich. Some of the most famous delicious meals that are specific to Antalya are Cretan kebab with artichokes, stuffed ribs, Alanya bundle, and banana dessert. There are also a couple of Michelin-starred restaurants in Antalya. 

Best Districts To Buy Antalya Homes for Sale


This central district of Antalya offers all the aspects of urban life as well as many activities and events. Muratpasa has a coastline that stretches 20 kilometers and is home to many natural beauties like Duden Waterfall and tourist attractions such as Hadrian’s Gate. 

In addition to these perks, Muratpasa offers many jobs and business opportunities thanks to its strong economic infrastructure. 


For those who are looking for Antalya villas for sale in a tranquil environment remote from the noise of the city, Serik is an excellent spot. 

Located close to the Taurus Mountains, Serik has wonderful nature and offers the perfect rural life where you can grow your own fruits and vegetables in the garden and take long walks in nature. 


Konyaalti is a district near the city center of Antalya. There are many social amenities like restaurants, shops, bars, and cafes in Konyaalti. With its 7 kilometers and vivid nightlife, Konyaalti offers a vivacious vibe during both day and night. 

The district has a good transportation network which makes it easy to get around without owning a car. 


With its perfectly designed villas with stunning architecture and the view of the mesmerizing Mediterranean, Kalkan is one of the most favored residential areas in Antalya. The district is composed of many different neighborhoods, each responding to different needs. Hence, there’s a neighborhood for everyone in Kalkan. 

Kalkan is also home to some of the best beaches in Antalya. 

Lara Beach

Located near the city center, Lara is another popular neighborhood in Antalya. It has a 12-kilometer blue flag beach as well as many shopping centers, restaurants, and cafes. 

The district also has numerous theme parks and playgrounds, which makes it a family-friendly location. Moreover, Lara is home to some of the best educational institutions in the city. 


If you’re retired or seeking the retirement lifestyle, Belek is just the place for you. The district offers golf courts, golden beaches, and vivid nightlife at the same time. 

It takes 40 minutes to drive to the city center of Antalya from Belek. So it’s easy as pie to access the social amenities in the center.

Top Five Activities To Do in Antalya

Antalya offers many fun activities, all of which allow you to explore the city, nature, and history. Here are the top five of these activities: 

Going on a boat trip

Scuba diving or sailing

Going to theme parks

Sightseeing: Aspendos, Olympos, Perge, the Old. City, Duden Waterfalls, etc.

Embarking upon outdoor adventures such as rafting in Koprulu Kanyon, tandem paragliding, and quad biking in the Taurus Mountains

How to Find Property for Sale Antalya

Almost all Antalya apartments for sale are listed on real estate websites. You can look through the listings on various pages of such content. 

If you’re already in the city, you can step into a real estate agency office in the neighborhood you’re interested in, and get viewings of the houses for sale in Antalya Turkey.

Another option you have to find an Antalya house for sale is going on a house hunt. You can stroll the streets with your eyes up on the windows of the buildings, seeking “For Sale” signs.

Steps to Buying Antalya House for Sale

The process of buying an apartment for sale in Antalya Turkey is pretty simple. Below are the few steps you’re required to follow:

Doing comprehensive research beforehand

Planning your budget thoroughly

Looking for Antalya homes for sale

Getting house viewing appointments


Paying the deposit for the property

Signing the contract by reading it in great detail

Obtaining the report of the appraisal

Opening a Turkish bank account

Acquiring the title deed

We strongly recommend hiring a professional real estate agent to avoid potential scams or other similar inconvenient situations. It’ll also reduce your workload during the purchasing process.

Contact an Expert in Antalya, Turkey

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Speak to Real Estate Experts in Antalya

    Houses for Sale in Antalya Turkey: Prices

    Prices of Antalya real estate properties vary depending on the location, size, and type of the property. However, the average price to buy an Antalya house for sale outside the center is $600 per square meter whereas it’s $1,000 for a house in the center.

    Antalya Apartments for Sale: Conclusion

    Antalya is a very pleasant city to live in with its coastal lifestyle, rich culture, and beautiful nature. It’s also an excellent spot to buy real estate because it’s a very profitable long-term investment, as well as a dream home to live in. 

    Take action now and hit these two great targets with one arrow. Good luck with your property search!

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