Seven Best Places To Live in Portugal

Portugal is one of the most commonly preferred destinations by expats. Due to the country’s perfect climate, affordability, great food and drinks, and solid healthcare system, Portugal is much favored by people from all around the world, both for touristic purposes and relocating. 

Since Portugal is a country that has a splendidly rich culture, each of its cities has its unique character. If you have plans of relocating to Portugal and wonder what are the best places to live in Portugal, continue reading this post. We have tried to provide you with a general idea about the best places to live in Portugal for expats and the pros and cons of living in Portugal in accordance with each of these cities.

The Best Cities To Live in Portugal

Every city in Portugal offers a different lifestyle, culture, and vibe specific to its own character. Therefore it is crucial to consider your expectations from a city before you move. There are vivid cities for those who like the urban lifestyle and there are small beach towns for the souls that are seeking a more peaceful life. Find below some of the best cities to live in Portugal.


One of Portugal’s best places to live in is Porto. The city’s lively metropolis life, beautiful landscapes, and historic fabric make it a very convenient place to live for almost anyone. Whatever you feel like, Porto can offer to you.

The perk of living in Porto is that it is a very safe and affordable city. The disadvantage of living in Porto, on the other hand, is that it does not have much of an expat community and it gets cold in the winter. Those who like their weather chilly and their network relatively narrow will love this city. 


Being the capital of the country, Lisbon is naturally one of the best cities to live in Portugal. For those who like crowded and active city life, Lisbon is a great city to live in with its vivacious nightlife, proximity to great beaches, and great food and drinks. Moreover, there are many expats living in Lisbon, making the city very diverse and networking effortless. 

The perks of living in Lisbon are not limited to these, though. Perfect weather, fine education, and great public transportation are only a few of the many pros of living in Lisbon. 

Among the best cities to live in Portugal, Lisbon is the most expensive one. In addition to the city being the costliest in the country, noise and the crowd can be another downside for those who are looking for a more tranquil place to live.


Not as well known as the other best places to live in Portugal, Faro is a beautiful city that offers many beauties as well as bits of lively city life without being noisy or overcrowded. 

In addition to the authentic and peaceful life it offers, living in Faro has many other advantages. The city is very safe and most of the population living in Faro can speak English. Exclusive open-air markets of the city are another attraction. However, real estate prices are high and job opportunities are limited in Faro, unfortunately.


For those who are bored of urban life and looking for a slower pace of living and great scenery, Lourinhã is the perfect place to live. 

With nearby beaches, low cost of living, and beautiful country houses, Lourinhã can be the dream home for those who seek a modest living in a beach town with extraordinary views. The only possible drawback of living in Lourinhã is that the weather may be a little hard to predict at times.


Coimbra is a city that offers a wide set of attractions in return for a considerably low cost of living. The city, being adorned with mesmerizing architecture and home to the oldest university in the country, is surrounded by an air of elegance and culture. Another intriguing aspect of living in Coimbra is that you can easily travel to other cities and towns of Portugal.

The vivid nightlife and great medical care are some of the best features of the city whereas unstable weather and being located inland may be its minuses.


Nazaré is the perfect destination for the retired who seek tranquility in a small town where they can spend their days going fishing or trekking. The serene lifestyle that Nazaré offers is soothing for those who are not yet retired but longing for a slower pace of life away from the urban crowds and noises.

Friendly people, high quality of life, experiencing authentic traditions, and proximity to urban cities are some of the advantages of living in Nazaré. However, it is useful to know there are limited job opportunities in the city and only a few people can speak English. For those who work remotely and easily adjust to new cultures, Nazaré is a heavenly place.


Located at the top of Mount Foia, Monchique is a wonderfully authentic city that attracts tourists who seek an oversoft holiday experience. Despite the city being a tourist attraction in this sense, it does not lose a shadow of its idyllic nature. 

Other great aspects of Monchique are its safety and great climate. However, you should not be expecting to find a large expat community or a wide range of employment opportunities in Monchique. 

Portugal Best Places To Live: The Bottom Line

There you have it… We have provided you with a brief list of the best places to live in Portugal for expats. As it is understood, there is something for everyone in Portugal. After comparing the pros and cons of living in Portugal’s best cities for expats and considering your needs and desires, you are all set to relocate to one of these best cities to live in Portugal.

Good luck with your new life in Portugal.

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