The Ultimate Guide to Bursa Real Estate

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Bursa Turkey Real Estate

Bursa Overview

Region: Marmara
Population: 3.147.818
Area: 10,882 km²
Distance from Main Airports: 60 km

Why Buy Property in Bursa

Affordable Property

Although Bursa is very close to Istanbul and the fourth largest city in Turkey, the property prices are relatively quite affordable. What’s more is that there are various housing options including budget-friendly Bursa apartments for sale and luxury villas. Nonetheless, the average prices are much lower compared to European cities or Istanbul.

Low Cost of Living

Despite the rapid developments in the economy, industry, and city infrastructure, the cost of living in Bursa is relatively low. The city offers a good standard of living in return for convenient expenses, though. 

Advancing Infrastructure

The local council of Bursa has been regardfully regulating and enhancing the infrastructure of the city in recent years. There are many ongoing projects concerning tourism, healthcare, schooling, housing, transportation, and social amenities. Considering all these enhancements, it appears that Bursa will have a future that shines very brightly. 

Great Urban Planning

Despite being a developing city, Bursa hasn’t let the concrete take over its greenery. There are many parks, cultural centers, gardens, and other recreational spaces. The city is even called “green Bursa” for its abundance of green spaces.

Excellent Investment

The developing infrastructure, immense tourism activity, and rapid economic growth of Bursa make the city appealing to foreign investors. 

Since there’s a wide range of properties, small-scale investors can buy profitable houses too. It’s a wise long-term investment move to buy property in Bursa because, in a city of such rapid growth, the real estate prices will probably go up concordantly. 

Citizenship by Investment in Bursa Real Estate

Another perk of buying Bursa homes is that when you invest at least $400,000 in a real estate property in Turkey, you get to apply for Turkish citizenship through the Golden Visa Program. Turkish citizenship has many advantages, and furthermore, you don’t need to renounce your original citizenship to benefit from these advantages.

Top Four Neighborhoods to Buy Bursa Homes


Located in Northern Bursa, the district of Mudanya has it all: a great sea view, rich heritage, and gorgeous forests. With its old neighborhoods, churches, baths, monuments, and recreational spaces, Mudanya is a hot spot for tourism activity. 

There are many housing options in Mudanya meaning that the district provides both small-scale and large-scale investors with the opportunity of acquiring Bursa property for sale. 


Nilufer is rapidly becoming the arts and culture hub in Bursa with its many art events, celebrations, and festivals. 

Although it’s the third largest district and also home to Bursa’s largest industrial establishments, it has managed to keep its greenery alive. 

Nilufer’s cultural and economic development resulted in an advance in construction and real estate as well. Hence, buying property in Nilufer is a solid long-term investment.


As the most crowded and largest district of the city, Osmangazi is located right in the center of Bursa. The district is home to advanced industrial institutions and various companies, as well as many government departments. Hence, there are many job opportunities in Osmangazi. 

Osmangazi also offers the best educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and various social amenities.


Gemlik is one of the most tranquil districts of Bursa. The district swarms with luxurious residential complexes, recreational spaces, great restaurants, and tourist resorts.

The property prices in Gemlik are considerably affordable compared to most other districts in Bursa. 

10 Best Activities You Can Do in Bursa

Living in Bursa never gets boring because the city offers a variety of activities. The top 10 activities you can do in Bursa are as follows: 

Visiting the 600-year-old Inyaka tree

Seeing the Great Mosque

Skiing at Mt. Uludag

Visiting the Cumalikizik village

Shopping at Koza Hani

Having a picnic at the Soganli Botanical park

Walking in the Bursa Culture Park

Visiting the Tombs of Osman and Orhan, and the Green Tomb

Getting a panoramic view of the city from the cable car

Visiting Nicaea

How To Find Bursa Property for Sale

There are two main ways to find houses for sale in Bursa Turkey. The first is to search for property for sale online. Most properties in Turkey are listed on real estate websites. Checking multiple websites frequently may help you land good deals. After narrowing down your options, you can contact real estate agents to get you house viewings and seal deals if you see fit. 

The second option is to stroll the streets of the neighborhood of your choice. Properties for sale in Turkey typically have “For Sale” signs hung up on their windows. 

Whichever option you prefer, we strongly advise you to work with real estate professionals to avoid scams and smooth out the process.

Houses for Sale in Bursa Turkey: The Buying Process

The property purchasing process in Bursa is quite effortless and brief. Find below the steps for buying a house in Bursa:

Thorough online research

A comprehensive budget plan

Searching property online

Hiring a real estate professional

Arranging property viewings

Negotiating the house price

Paying the property deposit

Carefully reading and signing the contract

Getting a tax number and the appraisal report

Setting up a bank account

Obtaining the title deed

Get in Touch with a Professional in Bursa, Turkey

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    Bursa Turkey Property for Sale: Prices

    Although the property prices vary depending on the type, location, and size of the property, the overall average price per square meter is $875 in the center of Bursa whereas it’s $555 outside the center. 

    Bursa Apartments for Sale: The Bottom Line

    As illustrated in this article, buying property in Bursa maximizes the benefits of living there. Due to developed industry, excellent urban planning, affordable life and housing, and good quality of life in Bursa, buying Bursa property for sale is a wise long-term investment. 

    Act now to initiate the journey toward your new house and investment of a lifetime. Your dream life and profitable property await you.

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