Buying Property in Istanbul: The Ultimate Guide

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Istanbul Overview

Region: Marmara
Area: 5,343.22 km²
Population: 15,636,000
Proximity to Main Airports: 35 km

Advantages of Buying a House in Istanbul

Istanbul is the largest and most developed city in Turkey. The city is very appealing to expats and investors from all around the world with its growing real estate sector. Moreover, its location and the high quality of life it offers in exchange for affordable costs of living make Istanbul extremely favorable for real estate investment.

Find some of the benefits that investing in Istanbul real estate provides below:

  • You can get citizenship: If you buy $400,000 worth of property in Turkey, you get the chance to acquire citizenship in as little time as a couple of months. Citizenship by the real estate investment program for Turkey is one of the most appealing reasons for buying property in Istanbul.
  • It’s a solid investment: A great return on your investment is guaranteed when you invest in Istanbul real estate because the economic development and tourism in Istanbul cause the demand for real estate to grow rapidly and constantly. 
  • There is more than one option for housing: You have a wide selection of options when it comes to housing in Istanbul. There are apartments, residences, holiday homes, luxury villas, houses, etc., and all of these options of housing cost affordable amounts. The best part of it is that all these options offer you great views of the city such as the historical peninsula or the tranquility of the Marmara Sea.

Tips for Houses for Sale in Istanbul

Houses for sale in Istanbul have great appeal to foreign investors because they offer several options and are affordable. There are a few points you should consider as you buy apartment in Istanbul. 

Following are some tips for buying property in Istanbul:

  • Get to know the neighborhood before you make a purchase. Check if there are means of public transportation, schools, and recreational spaces nearby. Try to get a general idea about your neighbors. These are important aspects of a neighborhood; observe them before making your decision. Knowing the neighborhood will also enable you to make price comparisons.
  • Know that the prices are mostly negotiable in Turkey, even for an apartment for sale in Istanbul. Get a general idea about the prices before you go house hunting so that you can negotiate during the viewing.
  • Before making any purchases, make sure that the house has all the necessary documents such as the planning permission. It’s safer if you work with a professional that won’t miss these kinds of things. You can consult with a real estate agent throughout the process of the purchase. They will help legally finalize the process, as well. 

If you do thorough research, the process of buying property in Istanbul takes about two months.

Buying a House in Istanbul

As we mentioned earlier, living in Istanbul has countless perks. The city offers numerous schooling and healthcare options, an endless selection of places to eat and drink, all kinds of activities, and nightlife; in short, there’s something for everyone in Istanbul. Its cultural diversity and accepting culture are some of its other appeals to the expats. 

There’s an expanding community of expats living in Istanbul, which means you’ll effortlessly make friends and connections. Another perk of Istanbul is its location. You’ll be able to travel to Europe whenever you feel like it. 

If you already started to make plans of relocating by Investing in Istanbul real estate by this point, let’s have a look at the best neighborhoods in Istanbul.

Best Neighborhoods in Istanbul To Live in

While looking for Istanbul property for sale it’s useful to know what to expect from a neighborhood. Following are some of the neighborhoods in Istanbul that are in high demand:


With its nostalgic architecture and vibe, Cihangir is one of Istanbul’s ever-trending neighborhoods. Cihangir swarms with cafes and artsy places. If you like to take mesmerizing walks, this neighborhood is the right place for you. Moreover, it’s close to many museums, nightclubs, etc.


If you’re in search of a more tranquil life where you’re surrounded by the natural beauties of Istanbul, Sariyer is the neighborhood you should live in. It’s right on the shore of the Bosphorus. You can enjoy a good dinner next to the sea, or maybe even over the sea. You can enjoy the views of Rumeli Fortress or Emigrant Grove where history and nature merge into one another.


Although houses in Nisantasi cost a bit much, if your budget allows you to live in a high-end district, this neighborhood is an excellent location and offers many education and shopping options.


Bebek is another beautiful neighborhood on the Bosphorus Strait. With its cafes and restaurants, it’s the perfect location for foreign expats and tourists.


Etiler is the ideal place to look for an Istanbul property for sale. This is because it’s an excellent location to invest in with the housing, nightlife, shopping, and activity options it offers. Etiler also has a great view of beautiful houses and the Bosphorus.

We’ve given you the core information about investment in Istanbul real estate. If you’re planning to relocate by making such an investment, take action now. Remember to research thoroughly first. Good luck!

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