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Mykonos is an iconic place that gives you everything that a Greek island has to offer; maybe even more. 

Its authentic town that streets of which resemble a maze, superb historical sights, countless perfect sandy beaches, great cuisine, and lively nightlife make Mykonos an ideal destination for expats from all around the world. 

Investing in Mykonos real estate is getting popular day by day, as well. Constantly thriving tourism and real estate and increasing real estate value make buying property in Mykonos a great investment option.

Advantages of Investing in Mykonos Real Estate

There are many advantages of investing in Mykonos real estate. First and maybe the most important advantage is that it enables you to get a residence permit in Mykonos through the Get Golden Visa Program. If you buy a property that’s worth at least €250,000, you become eligible for being a Greek resident. The best part of this is that you get to travel to Schengen countries visa-free alongside having access to education and healthcare in Greece. 

The second perk of owning a home in Mykonos is that the island overflows with life and culture. People are very gentle and the lifestyle is laid-back. Last but not least, the beaches, food and the weather are all absolutely great! It’s always sunny and warm in Mykonos but it’s not overwhelming either. There’s plenty of fresh air and the island gets rainfall only for a couple of days during winter. Trust us, you won’t be having any complaints about the weather throughout the whole year!

Tips for Buying Property in Mykonos

Buying property in Mykonos is a very straightforward process that usually ends with a hundred percent satisfaction. However, there are some key points to consider while searching for Mykonos property for sale. Here are some tips:

  • Check all the paperwork related to the property. Check for the presence and legality of all the documents required. This step is crucial especially to be eligible to acquire the Golden Visa for Greece. 
  • Do your research on housing prices beforehand and analyze the property during the viewing. These steps will give you a general idea about the prices of the Mykonos houses for sale and enable you to compare and contrast. This way, you won’t be overcharged. Getting help from a real estate agent may help a great deal with this. 
  • Get to know the neighborhood. Stroll in its streets to check for grocery stores, education options, restaurants, and other facilities you think you’ll need. Check if these are open during winter. 

Best Places to Seek Mykonos Real Estate for Sale

Although Mykonos has the same vibe in general, neighborhoods may show slight differences. Let’s have a look at the popular neighborhoods to seek Mykonos houses for sale:


Located in the Western Mykonos, Ornos is the most perfect location for families who are looking for Mykonos houses. The neighborhood offers easy access to other parts of Greece by small boats or ferries. There is a wide selection of real estate options in the area. 

Ano Mera 

Ano Mera is a tranquil and more authentic part of the island and is situated right in the middle of it. The area offers many real estate options such as luxury apartments and villas. Mykonos property for sale in Ano Mera is generally of great value.


Situated at the most vivacious part of the Western shore, Chora aka Mykonos Town is the place that offers most of the tourist attractions, restaurants, bars, and nightlife. It’s an extremely bright idea to invest in Mykonos real estate in Mykonos Town itself. Houses in Chora offer great views of the island’s wonderful landscapes and the beauty of the Cycladic architecture. 


Located on the northwestern coast of the island, Tourlos is a location where you can effortlessly access the other islands. Mykonos property for sale in this area are usually houses that bear the characteristics of Cycladic architecture. 

Agios Ioannis

If you’re looking for a peaceful place to live away from the tumult of major towns, 

Agios Ioannis may be the ideal region for you on the island. Villas with a wonderful view of the Delos Island are pretty common in this region.

The Bottom Line

Mykonos is a beautiful island that offers many things at the same time: the island culture, the authenticity of Greece, vivacious nightlife, crystal clear sandy beaches, and a tranquil life away from the city. All these under the warm rays of the sun! Moreover, investing in Mykonos real estate guarantees profit in the future because of the constantly developing tourism and increasing real estate values. 

We’ve given you the basic information about buying property in Mykonos. Are you intrigued? Then it’s your turn to start researching further. Good luck!

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