Working With a Property Management Company

A property management company becomes essential for landowners who own properties but lack the experience and time to handle the accounts and other business-related operations. If you want to work with a professional management firm, you’ll need to have valuable insight into what property management is, what its responsibilities are, how to hire one, and more. So, let’s dive into this guide to get all the information you need.

What Is Property Management?

Property management is the business-related operations involving the management and supervision of the landowner’s residential or commercial real estate properties. It oversees the smooth running of daily operations of a property, handling maintenance, tenant complaints, and more. The contract with the landlord determines the number of responsibilities to be handled by a property management firm.

For instance, as a landlord, you can leverage the services of a property management company to get help for operations like rent invoicing. You can also specify that you want the company to handle all operations related to your property.

What Does a Property Management Company Do?

The role of a property management company depends on what’s specified in the contract between the landlord and the company. You can ask these companies to handle tenant relations only, or you can ask them to handle all the property-related aspects. Some common responsibilities of a property management company include the following:

1. Managing Maintenance Requests and Repairs

Proper maintenance of a property is one of the significant tasks performed by a property management company. They must routinely respond to all maintenance requests and need for repairs to ensure a safe and habitable ambiance around the property. They may have to handle services like extermination, water leaks, trash removal, etc.

2. Goal-Oriented Marketing Services 

A property management company helps the landlord market or advertise their property to acquire new tenants. The company takes pictures of the property and lists them on multiple platforms like housing website portals in such marketing operations. With the best marketing tactics, they attract a lot of interest.

3. Tenant Management 

Property management companies often have to deal with tenants. These services include the search for the right tenants, screening the tenants via multiple credits, and background checks to make sure the candidate is right for the property. Moreover, the property managers from these companies handle all the tenant leases, tenant emergencies, evictions, and more.

4. Rental Services 

Rental service is one of the crucial roles of a property management company. Here, the company advises a rental rate for your property by evaluating the property, its size, location, and its current valuation in the market.

When Should You Hire a Property Management Company?

You should hire a property management company for the following reasons:

1. To Ease the Burden of Tenancy Management 

You will need the services of a property management company to ease the burden of tenancy management. You’ll get relief from operations like evaluation of tenant’s records, conflict resolution, rent collection, or settling issues between tenants.

2. To Avoid Odd Hour Requests

To avoid issues, the landlord can take the help of a property management company that provides employees 24/7 to handle such reluctant tasks. Also, they look for odd-hour requests involving water problems, circuit breakage, and more. A property management company will prove to be very helpful if you as a landlord are living abroad or have a busy schedule.

Managing tenants can be hectic and problematic. In this case, you’ll need to hire a property management company to seek legal services from their professionally trained employees for handling issues like tenant eviction in the event of no rent payment. The company safeguards you from administrative inconveniences while executing liaison services to manage the tenant situation.

4. To Handle Property Repairs and Maintenance Services 

The routine maintenance of your property is one of the significant reasons why you need to hire an experienced property management company. This will help you attract high-quality tenants for increased profitability from rent. These services start from the basics, involving the repairs for slight cracks to plumbing fixes.

How to Find a Good Property Management Company?

To find or explore one of the best property management companies, you need to consider certain factors and ask some questions.

1. Get Recommendations 

One of the most effective ways to find a well-reputed property management firm is by getting referrals or recommendations. You need to ask your friends, relatives, and colleagues whether their real estate agent has any contact with a good property management firm or not. After shortlisting the names of different property management firms, interview them.

2. Check For Their Experience and Success Rate 

You must interview each company by having a conversation with their property managers. Ask them how many years of experience they have in handling other clients’ properties. If satisfied with the answer, proceed to ask how many properties they handle in total. The best company will have the maximum years of expertise and the highest success rate among others.

3. Ask How They Handle Vacancies and Marketing 

To find the best property management company, you must ask them the following questions:

  • Where do the vacant properties get advertised by the company?
  • What sort of signs and boards do they place in front of the property?
  • Are they using online websites, newspapers, and nearby colleges to advertise the property?
  • Do they have attractive and feature-rich websites?
  • Do they provide all rental reports with transparency?

How To Compare Property Management Companies

There are several things to consider while comparing property management companies.

  • Is there any up-charge for in-house maintenance and repairs?
  • What’s the total number of evictions they have to deal with within six months? If the number of evictions is high, they may not have thoroughly examined the applicants.
  • Do they have any expertise in this business? Do they guarantee the best results for any of their services?

Benefits of Working With a Property Management Company

1. Best Screening for High-Quality Tenants

Working with a property management company helps you with tenant screening, which is a complex process. If you’re a beginner in the real estate business, you may end up picking bad tenants. The best company conducts a reliable and verified screening operation to choose tenants that will:

  • Pay rent on time
  • Cause minimal problems
  • Rent long-term
  • Minimize normal wear and tear of the property

You must know that a bad tenant can result in horrific experiences, including great financial and legal headaches. Here, the property management firm helps you with their stockpile of knowledge on laws and regulations to protect you from any possible vulnerabilities and lawsuits.

3. Prompt Solutions

A competent management company will be able to arrange for the repairs to be completed quickly and to the needed standard thanks to their extensive network of connections. This is especially important if you’re living outside the city where your property is. The property management company will deal with this kind of problem without you getting involved.

Final Words 

So if you want to get rid of all the hectic and stressful responsibilities of business-related tasks of your properties, a property management company should be your first choice.

A property management company will make sure the entire process operates much more smoothly, and the difference will be evident.



1. Does any property management company pay for repairs?

No, the landlord pays the cost of repairs and supplies before the property management company actually performs them.

2. Will my property management firm handle the responsibility of utilities? 

It depends on the property management company as some may handle utility turn on/off whereas some won’t.

3. What does a property management report consist of? 

The property management report is similar to an accounting statement, which consists of detailed inventory, including management fees, maintenance fees, payment for utilities, and the remaining balance in reserve.

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