Buying Property in Cascais: The Ultimate Guide

Cascais is located on the Portuguese Riviera. The Portuguese Riviera is a long and scenic coastline in the Atlantic Ocean that runs west of Lisbon. It’s a famous destination among expats and tourists who want to enjoy the laid-back lifestyle it offers.

Due to its rich real estate market, the Cascais region also boasts various districts near the Atlantic that attract high-net-worth investors.

Purchasing a Property in Cascais

The location of Cascais is one of the primary factors that makes it a very appealing option for real estate investment. Apart from its natural beauty, the region is also quite close to Lisbon, the Portuguese capital. The distance between the two areas is less than 45 minutes by car, plus there is a train line that connects them. As a result, those who conduct business in the capital select Cascais as their home without hesitation.

Why Should You Buy a House in Cascais

The real estate market in Cascais, Portugal, is thriving. There are numerous reasons for this, including the region’s wonderful temperature, proximity to the capital city of Lisbon, outstanding history, and numerous natural wonders. Let’s look at the most prevalent reasons for purchasing a home in Cascais.

Favorable Climate

For investors looking to buy a home in Cascais, the climate is a significant plus. The climate in the region is typical of Portugal, with hot summers and mild winters. The Atlantic, on the other hand, brings cool ocean breezes to Cascais, lowering the average summer temperature to more bearable levels.

During winter, the average temperature is around 11°.

Ideal for Beachgoers

Cascais is full of world-class beaches. Carcavelos, Praia da Rainha, and Guincho are three of the most popular beaches in the region. Cascais also caters to a wide range of tastes. For example, if you enjoy sports and surfing, Carcavelos is the place to go because of its world-famous waves. You can lie in the pleasant wind of the Atlantic in Sao Pedro if you just want to relax and enjoy the sun.

Culture and Lifestyle

Cascais’ cultural activities address to its upscale society’s tastes. There are several art galleries such as Casa das Historias Paula Rego, and the Museu Condes de Castro Guimaraes. The region is also famous for its golf courses and top-quality restaurants. The coastline also hosts numerous restaurants and bars where you can enjoy the views.

Where Can I Buy Real Estate in Cascais

Every neighborhood in Cascais has its unique charms and, due to its location, stands out as a desirable real estate investment. We’ve listed some popular places below to help you narrow down your search.

Cascais and Estoril 

The most expensive areas in Cascais region are Cascais and Estorial. Large seaside houses with swimming pools can be seen in both districts. Both areas are family-friendly, and there are numerous foreign schools in both. If you’re considering relocating to the area with your family, keep in mind that the rising expat community will help you adjust fast. These neighborhoods are near to supermarkets and have a well-developed transportation infrastructure. In addition, the beach is only a short distance away.

Carcavelos and Parede

Carcavelos and Parede are both good places to live in if you want to relax. There are many separate residences in these areas that lead to the beach. If you enjoy sports, there are numerous outdoor activities available, particularly during the summer. If you wish to surf, the famous Carvabelos Beach is a great place to go.


The more cheap housing alternatives in Alcabideche set it apart. It’s in the northern portion of Cascais, near to the Sintra National Park. The houses are less expensive here, yet they still provide excellent value. If you prefer golf, there are several nearby courses to choose from.

How Long Does It Take To Acquire Property in Cascais

Buying property in Cascais might take anything from three to five months. This period comprises two to three months of searching for the appropriate home. To finish the paperwork, you’ll need another one or two months. Keep in mind that various circumstances, such as the amount of money you’ll put down as a deposit and whether or not you’ll qualify for a mortgage, could change this timeframe. Check out our post on Buying Property in Portugal before making a decision.

Cascais Notary Services

For legal reasons, you must have a notary witness sign your contract and pay the land registry. It’s worth noting that Cascais has two notaries, both of which are located on Alameda Combatentes Grande Guerra Boulevard.


Cascais is a diversified area with plenty to see and do. The location attracts more international investors, expats, and retirees so purchasing real estate in Cascais might be a long-term investment. If you’ve decided to buy a home in Cascais, don’t wait too long. The property prices are expected to rise as demand grows in Cascais.

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