Real Estate Calculators

Investing in a real estate property is a galvanizing process. However, it shouldn’t be hastened. To make a solid investment that you can gain profit from in the future, it’s in your best interest to analyze the deal you’re getting in great detail. 

Real estate investments can be tricky: a deal that seems to be perfect may later on turn out to be a malinvestment, whereas another that doesn’t look very promising at first glance can prove to be an excellent long-term investment. To be able to foresee such surprises, it’s crucial to make thorough calculations before purchasing a property. And this is where the real estate calculators come in. 

If you’re on the verge of investing in real estate, make sure you use the following real estate investment calculators not to miss out on the best deal possible. 

What is a Real Estate Calculator? 

Real estate calculators are tools that use certain formulas to help you avoid bad deals by accounting for your expenses and potential outcomes throughout your real estate property purchasing process. Efficiently employing these tools will provide you with the opportunity to make the most profitable real estate investment and boost your success rates by helping you comprehend deals better. 

How Do Real Estate Calculators Work? 

There are many investment property calculators that investors can use to calculate the relevant numbers in order to make the ideal real estate investment. These tools can help estimate expenses and income, renovation costs, calculate mortgage payments, and make loan comparisons, along with many other functions. All you need to do is to find the right property calculators that meet your needs, and they’ll handle all your calculations rapidly and accurately for you. 

The following table shows the real estate calculator terms and their definitions to help you have a better understanding of how these tools work. 

Real Estate

Buildings or land that constitute a property

Down Payment The payment made upfront while purchasing something on credit
Purchase Price The price of the property
Interest The additional sum that’s paid regularly at a specific rate for the use of a loan/compensating delays in the repayment of a loan
Loan Term The period within which the loan should be paid back
Interest Rate The proportion of the loan repayment that the debtor pays as interest to the loaner
P&I Principal and interest
Closing Costs Costs paid at the finalization of a real estate transaction
Vacancy Rate The calculated percentage value of a rental property’s all available vacant/unoccupied units at a specific period
Principal The specification of the novel sum that is lent/invested
Property Management Expense The total of expenses made for the maintenance of the property
Gross Scheduled Income  The maximum possible yearly income deriving from the rent collection 
Other Income All the other property-related income
Expense Ratio Percentage expression of the Total Operating Expense divided by the GOI (Gross Operating Income)
Gross Rent Multiplier Purchase Price divided by the GSI (Gross Scheduled Income)
Net Income Multiplier Purchase price divided by the NOI (Net Operating Income)
Cash on Cash The investment return
Capitalization Rate The ratio between the capital cost/current market value of a property and the NOI that it produces
Debt Coverage Ratio

The NOI divided by the Annual Debt Service

10 Essential Real Estate Calculators 

Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage payment calculations can get very complicated due to the many variables that require to be accounted for. The said variables include the property price, loan term, interest rate, and down payment. Luckily, there are many mortgage calculating tools that you can use online for free. 

Rental Property Yield

The rental property yield calculator is an absolutely essential investment property calculator. It helps calculate the net and gross rental yield of a property. The payback period and cash flow are also included in the rental property yield calculations.

Capitalization Rate

Capitalization rate is a much-favored method to make a comparison between properties that provide similar incomes. Cap rate calculators help the investor to assess the net income a property produces in relativity to its purchasing value. 

Net Effective Rent

By dividing the gross rent total on the lease by the number of months, the net effective rent calculator helps estimate the actual rental payment. The calculator includes special offers and discounts in its calculations. 

Rental Broker Fee

The commission fee that the rental broker gets from the transaction is typically a month’s rent— which corresponds to at most 15 percent of the first annual rent—and it’s paid immediately following the signing of the contract.

Debt Service Ratio

The debt service calculators estimate the debt service ratio of a property, to which the financial institutions pay great attention before funding a transaction. If the debt service ratio of the property is below 1.0, the property is to go deeper in the red each month. Hence, it’s crucial for investors to pay close attention to this ratio. 

Return on Investment (ROI)

Return on Investment property calculators help the investor to better comprehend their expenses  and the potential return of their investment in the long run while purchasing a property with the motivation of making a real estate investment. 

Net Operating Income (NOI)

Net Operating Income calculation is crucial to successfully analyze a property in terms of whether or not being ideal for making a real estate investment. NOI calculators measure the profitability of a property, excluding income taxes and mortgage repayment.

Square Footage

Calculating the square footage of a property correctly is crucial to determine its price. To successfully add up the square footage of your property, you can measure each dimension of all the finished spaces in your property with a tape measure. The next step is to simply type the numbers you got into an online calculator. 

After Repair Value

Calculating the after repair value of a property helps estimate the potential value of the property after being renovated. The renovation value typically exceeds the renovation expenses. After repair value calculators also take neighborhood comparisons into account. 

Real Estate Investment Calculators: The Wrap-Up

Investing in real estate takes some serious know-how. To get a positive return for your investment requires successful business conduct, in addition to making a mere investment into a real estate property. 

Making sure you’ve calculated everything to avoid the risk of taking up a bad deal that’ll lead to malinvestment goes a long way in managing the investment process successfully. Property calculators are of great help at this point; because they offer quick and error-free calculations. Hence, employing them will save you time and money for sure.