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March 31, 2023

Purchasing a property is as serious a process as it is exciting. There are many factors you should consider to avoid financial inconveniences. It’s in your best interest to plan your budget thoroughly and calculate every possible expense you’ll encounter along the way.

One of the costs that property owners should take into consideration is property taxes. Property taxes are an expense that every property owner is required to pay so long as they hold onto their possession of the relevant property. Not only are these taxes incessant throughout your possession of the property, but their amounts also increase over time. Using a property tax calculator saves you time and enables you to have a healthier estimation regarding what financial liabilities you’ll have on your plate in the future.

What Are Property Taxes? 

Property tax is a type of ad-valorem tax that is calculated and collected by local governments and later used for infrastructure development, community safety support, fire protection, education, and the like. It’s paid on the property by the property owner: whether an individual or a corporate establishment. 

Property Tax in a Nutshell

  • It’s calculated and collected by the relevant local government to the property’s location.
  • The amount of the property tax is based on the property value.
  • The collected taxes are used for the improvement of the infrastructure in the district. 
  • Property taxes can be paid either as part of the mortgage installment or a direct payment separately. 
  • To make a thorough and long-term budget plan, you can calculate your property tax using a property tax estimator.

What Distinguishes Property Tax from Real Estate Tax

Property taxes are frequently mistaken for real estate taxes, whereas the two don’t exactly correspond to each other. While real estate tax is a type of property tax, property taxes cover a more comprehensive set of properties than real estate taxes. The properties that property tax is levied on may include cars, boats, and other tangible personal property, whereas real estate tax is levied only on real estate properties.  

How Much Is Property Tax?

Although there’s no definite answer to this question, there are a few components that determine the property tax bill. 

The property tax rate is typically based on the location and market value of the property. The location of the property determines the respective tax rate because the taxed property types and property tax rates vary depending on the local jurisdiction.

Who Are Exempt From Property Taxes

Certain groups are exempt from property taxes. The property tax exemptions are available for the following:

  • Senior Citizens
  • Persons with Disabilities
  • Veterans and Disabled Veterans

In addition to the groups mentioned above, there’s also the homestead exemption, which protects the property and the financial well-being of the spouse against property taxes in the case of the death of the homeowner.

Why Property Tax Calculators Are Useful 

Property tax calculators are useful tools for making substantially accurate and rapid tax estimates to help plan your budget.

The property tax estimator comes in handy for the following individuals for different purposes:

  • Property owners who want to estimate their annual tax payments and plan their budgets
  • Property purchasers who wish to learn the tax payable for the particular property they’re interested in
  • Property sellers who want to check the amount that the purchaser will reimburse following the sale of the property
  • Lawyers who want to allocate the tax between the sellers and buyers

How to Calculate Property Tax

Real estate tax calculators estimate the property taxes by multiplying the assessed value of the property by the relevant real estate tax rates in the particular location where the property is situated. The assessed value of a property equals the assessed value set in ordinances multiplied by the market price of the property. It’s typically lower than the market value of a property and to what extent it’s lower varies depending on the property’s location. 

Using a home tax calculator allows you to obtain a healthy estimate of your property tax payables effortlessly by only requiring you to enter the corresponding figures for the items mentioned above. 

Property Tax Estimator: The Bottom Line 

Property tax calculators are notably useful tools to rapidly attain a substantially accurate estimate of your future tax payables, and hence, they enable you to make a solid budget plan by having a better and more comprehensive understanding of your property-related expenses. Knowing what financial expenditures await you ahead with the help of the real estate tax calculators will enable you to better balance your financial future. 


What is property tax?

Property tax is an ad-valorem tax that is assessed and collected by local governments. The sum derived from the said taxes is later used for community-benefitting services such as infrastructure improvements, community safety enhancement, libraries, schools, fire departments, and so forth. 

How much is property tax? 

The amount that a property owner is required to pay as property tax varies depending on the location of the property and the relevant tax rates in that particular location. 

What is a house tax calculator?

A property tax calculator, or a house tax calculator, is a tool that estimates your property tax payables by only requiring you to enter the property tax rate relevant to the particular place that your property’s located and the assessed value of your property. House tax calculator is a very useful tool; because it provides a more rapid and accurate calculation than manually calculating your property tax yourself. Obtaining such a healthy estimate enables you to better plan your budget for the upcoming years. 

How are property taxes calculated? 

Property taxes are calculated by multiplying the tax rate determined by the government relevant to the property’s location by the assessed value of the property in question. 

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