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Baixa is the central district of tourist attractions in Lisbon, Portugal. Grand plazas, bustling shopping lanes, and ancient ‘Pombaline’ style buildings are among the elements that make this very attractive. Baixa is a popular tourist destination thanks to its significant historical sites, diverse range of eateries, and vibrant nightlife.

If you’re looking to make a real estate investment in Portugal, you might want to check Baixa Lisbon apartments for sale.

Beaches and sandy rivers surround this beautiful paradise. Also, Baixa is full of local restaurants and lively shops with interesting stories. 

Sadly, after the Great Lisbon Earthquake in the 17th century, there were big changes in the entire architectural planning of this district. Now Baixa Lisbon real estate has one-of-a-kind earthquake-proof buildings. If you want to start a new life in Portugal, looking and investing in Baixa Lisbon apartments for sale can be a great option.

If you go to the west, a small traditional palace of the Town Hall (Praça do Município) will await your visit. Traveling to the north, you will find Rossio with symbolic wavy pavements. Going to the south towards the water, you can enjoy one of Europe’s biggest squares Praça do Comércio.

This newly built district has Lisbon’s most emblematic streets. This is why it is best to walk on these iconic cobble streets once built to give a carpet look to the roads. These streets very conveniently lead people from Baixa Lisbon apartments to the commercial streets bustling with tourists. There are plenty of activities you can enjoy while looking for apartments for sale in Baixa Lisbon.

If you want to cut down your time while hunting property for sale in Baixa Lisbon, this town offers you two metro stations. Many buses and tramps also run on the streets of Baixa, which can help you save energy. 

In a Nutshell

Distance from Main Airports: 15 km

Baixa portugal real estate

Exploring Baixa


The busy streets of Baixa are filled with restaurants and food hubs. You can find the fanciest seafood to affordable ready-to-eat delicacies on these streets. Enjoy sipping rich coffee in the beautiful cafes while you browse for Baixa property for sale during the day. At nighttime, you can enjoy the earthy aromas of wine while you have a hearty dinner. Some of the specialty culinary masterpieces you should not miss are custard tart, duck rice, Caldo Verde, and Portuguese codfish. Restaurante Largo, Taberna da Baixa, Cantinho do Avillez and A Minhota da Prata are some of the top-notch restaurants you can visit.

Baixa is best known for its merchants and a wide variety of shopping options. While you shop, you can read the name of the traders that were present before the earthquake. If you are looking for something unique, A Outra Face Da Lua, a vintage shop, is worth visiting. While you are shopping in the city center, you can also look for Baixa Lisbon apartments for sale. For all the book lovers, a stroll to Livraria São Cristóvão, which is the smallest bookstore in the world, will not disappoint. Rua dos Fanqueiros and Rus Augusto are the two most famous shopping streets. Luvaria Ulisses, Olistori, Gerrafiera Nacional, and Conserveira de Lisboa are some honorable mentions that can complete your shopping spree.

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Things To Do in Baixa

Praça do Comércio

The plaza square, which is one of the largest in Lisbon is a big attraction for those who visit Lisbon. Praça do Comércio is located in the middle of the city and adjacent to the River Tagus. Spectacular yellow buildings surround the area and attract photographers. When you’re looking for Baixa Lisbon apartments for sale,  spend some time in this colorful spot.

Rossio Square

Rossio Square, one of Lisbon’s most prominent squares, is great to rest and spend time in chic cafes. The square is home to baroque fountains and a 27-meter-high monument in the center.

Rossio Square is a great spot to enjoy the city while you admire the views.

Santa Justa Lift

One of Lisbon’s genuinely distinctive tourist attractions is the Elevador de Santa Justa. You’ll be transported from Baixa to the Largo do Carmo district by this 19th-century industrial marvel. The Elevador de Santa Justa is from a time when wrought iron was more than simply a building material; it was also a beautiful art form.

Livraria Bertrand

When you’re looking for Baixa property for sale, head to the world’s oldest bookstore: Livraria Bertrand. This bookstore has been open since 1732 and is very popular both among locals and tourists. This space was used by many prominent figures in Portuguese history to discuss literature.

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