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Welcome to the most royal district of Lisbon. The name literally translates to Prince Royal, but you can also call it the extension of the party town Baixo Alto. It’s the perfect place for people who like ancient works of art with a modern touch.

Here you can find gardens with beautiful blooms, artistic buildings, high-end wine shops, and pretty cafes. If this is something you enjoy, investing in Principe Real real estate will be worth your money.

Principe Real is always hosting tourists from around the world. During the day, people can be seen visiting museums. The royal palace of Principe Real is another top tourist spot.

During the night you can find both locals and tourists having a great time in the clubs. These clubs are always bustling with live performances by local musicians or comedians. The food and the exotic drinks in these clubs will not disappoint you at all.

Walking around the town is the best option for a tourist. Every narrow alleyway opens up a new destination that you can’t reach through a car. 

But, if you are looking for Principe Real apartments, it’s best to rent a taxi to cut down your traveling time. However, you can always choose the bus or tram as a more affordable option. 

This neighborhood’s name comes from the firstborn son of Queen Mary II, D Pedro V. Now, there is no more a royal family, but you can find traces of their lifestyle in the exuberant 19th-century mansions. What makes this area more beautiful is the multi-colored houses you see while making a trip to the mansions. 

Moreover, if you want to prolong your stay in this lovely place, you can look for various Principe Real real estate. Not only will you find houses that suit your needs, but also a local community that is very welcoming and friendly. 

In a Nutshell

Distance from Main Airports: 7 km

Principe real portugal real estate

Exploring Principe Real


Because this area attracts people from all over the world, you can sample a wide range of cuisines while looking for houses for sale in Principe Real. For a hearty breakfast, you can try alheira de mirandela, a stuffed sausage cuisine, along with some fresh bread and omelet. A few other top mentions are Bacalhau and Peixe Grelhado. You can also spend your evenings relishing your coffee in an open-air restaurant. If you're a foodie and like Mediterranean foods, you’ll definitely want to search for Principe Real apartments. Here are a few of the top restaurants: Restaurant Latitude 38º43', Mercearia do Século, Adega Dom Luis, Frangasqueira Nacional and Loucos de Lisboa no Principe Real.

Embaixada LX is a place that can fulfill all types of shopping needs under one roof. The building looks beautiful from the outside and is known as the grand Ribeiro da Cunha Palace. Here you can get shimmering jewelry, modern furniture, exotic gin, and unique showpieces for your home. Principe Real Lisbon real estate would be perfect choice for you if you like shopping. Moreover, you can head up to Zaratan, an artist-run space where you may explore and quench your artistic thirst. It has a sunny patio, a shop with a lot of gems of artist books, funky music vinyl, and more exciting print stuff. You’ll get a chance to pick your treat from the fantastic exhibition while they put on a mysterious show.

Properties for sale in Principe Real

Things To Do in Principe Real

Botanical Garden

Whether you are a vacationer or looking for Principe Real Lisbon real estate, make sure you visit the Botanical Garden. It’s a “secret garden” hidden behind buildings on Principe Real’s busiest road. There are exotic plants and an Australian Cycad with twisted trunks. The butterfly greenhouse, which is the only one in Europe that can be visited, is the highlight of this garden.

Jardim do Príncipe Real

The heart of Principe Real’s main square is this lovely garden, which dates from 1863. It is flanked by gorgeous structures. There are also markets where you can buy organic fruits and vegetables, crafts, and antiques from. While you’re looking for houses for sale in Principe Real, make sure to spend some time in this famous spot.

Geological Museum of Portugal

The astonishing collection of this geological museum is a must-see. In this extraordinary museum, you can witness 150 million-year-old snake fossils, Jurassic period mammals, the head of a massive 20-million-year-old crocodile discovered in Lisbon, dinosaur legs, and footprints. 

Ribeiro da Cunha Palace

Horseshoe-arch windows, domes, and pinnacles characterize this palace. It was built for a businessman named José Ribeiro da Cunha. Over the years, it was sold to two separate families until being rented to a local university in 1980. It was reopened in 2013 as the Embaixada shopping gallery.

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