Abrantes, Portugal

Farm, 12 Bedrooms • 1,800,000 €

Estate, 8,400 sqm of land and 3,000 sqm of construction gross area in a 12-bedroom villa, in Abrantes, Santarém. Located in a quiet area, it has an approved project and construction license under payment for a tourist-residential condominium, for residential tourism, providing for an expansion of the total gross area from the existing 1,700 sqm to approximately 3,000 sqm, including an event area with a room with capacity for 150 people, a multipurpose room and a spa area, gym, indoor and outdoor swimming pool. It currently consists of the main house, in a manor style, with an adjacent chapel, storage and agricultural support areas, to be rebuilt and expanded as part of a project with great potential. The estate has several buildings around a central patio, which is typical for these properties, including several garden areas and patios, thus enhancing the creation of diversified residential concepts and spaces of recreational nature. The characteristics of the main buildings point to a potential gross area of around 3,000 sqm and between 18 and 22 apartments according to the program to be developed.Building 1, the main house, spread over three floors, for expansion and reconstruction for tourist use, with a total gross area of 1,826 sqm. Floors 0 and 1, with 34 rooms including 12 suites with large areas and several rooms, a large dining room, a kitchen, and a reception area. The communal and event areas are on floor -1, with 10 rooms, including a multipurpose room for 150 people, a big kitchen, a spa area, a gym, an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, and a deck area.Building 2, new construction, with a gross area of 156 sqm, includes three 1-bedroom apartments with terraces, two of them with a private swimming pool. Building 3, existing house spread over two floors, with warehouse for reconstruction and expansion, gross area of 980 sqm, to be converted into duplex apartments, some with the possibility of a private patio, with terrace and communal swimming pool.And building 4, with a 70 sqm chapel for rehabilitation works.The property is in an area of absolute privacy and tranquillity in a low-density urban environment, enhancing a range of additional activities such as social or business events. It is near the main centres of historical, cultural and leisure interest in the region. 5-minute driving distance from the A23 junction, 15 minutes from Barragem do Castelo do Bode, Constância, 20 minutes from Castelo de Almourol, 30 minutes from Tomar and Golegã. It is located 1h30 from Lisbon.

Key Features

Bedrooms: 12
Bathrooms: 15
Living Rooms: 5
Dining Rooms: 1
Suites: 12
Entrance Hall: 1
Kitchens: 2
City Center
Gross Area: 3000 m²
Bathroom Area (I): 11 m²
Bathroom Area (II): 10 m²
Bathroom Area (III): 10 m²
Bathroom Area (IV): 8 m²
Bathroom Area (V): 7 m²
Bathroom Area (VI): 5 m²
Bathroom Area (VII): 5 m²
Bathroom Area (VIII): 5 m²
Bathroom Area (IX): 5 m²
Bathroom Area (X): 5 m²
Bathroom Area (XI): 4 m²
Bathroom Area (XII): 4 m²
Bathroom Area (XIII): 4 m²
Bathroom Area (XIV): 4 m²
Bathroom Area (XV): 2 m²
Kitchen Area: 30 m²
Bedroom Area (I): 41 m²
Bedroom Area (II): 32 m²
Bedroom Area (III): 30 m²
Bedroom Area (IV): 28 m²
Bedroom Area (V): 27 m²
Bedroom Area (VI): 26 m²
Bedroom Area (VII): 23 m²
Bedroom Area (VIII): 23 m²
Bedroom Area (IX): 23 m²
Bedroom Area (X): 21 m²
Bedroom Area (XI): 20 m²
Bedroom Area (XII): 20 m²
Living Room Area (I): 76 m²
Living Room Area (II): 27 m²
Living Room Area (III): 15 m²
Living Room Area (IV): 12 m²
Living Room Area (V): 60 m²
Storage Room: 1
Swimming Pool
Outdoor Parking


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