Serpa, Portugal

Country Estate, 3 Bedrooms • 2,500,000 €

100 hectares estate, house, 550 sqm (construction gross area), located in Serpa, Beja, Alentejo. The villa has quality finishes and panoramic views. Three en-suite bedrooms with areas between 37 sqm and 20 sqm, 38 sqm dining room and 80 sqm living room with fireplace, library, equipped kitchen, dining area, laundry, pantry and many storage areas. Garage. Near Alqueva, Herdade da Boavista comprises a montado with cork oaks and holm oaks spread over hills and valleys whose orography enables privacy and visibility over the surroundings. The 1.5 pond has a capacity of 50,000 m3 of water used by the local fauna, specially several bird species living there. Near the property’s entrance there is a group of 10 refrigerated warehouses for the production of hydroponic pasture with seed silo and water treatment plant. The high growth in the number of customers interested in purchasing this type of animal fodder allows for a profitable operation of the property. The hydroponic green fodder is a high quality food that can be used for different animals and can prevent digestive disorders, reduce diseases and increase fertility, and therefore its demand increases on a daily basis. The estate has also a shed that houses a workshop for agricultural tools and machinery.The expansion chart of the Alqueva irrigation perimeter shows the location of two hydrants at the end of the property, which will be built within 2 years. Herdade da Boavista is 20-minute driving distance from Serpa and Spain, and 45 minutes from the Beja and two and a half hours from Lisbon and Seville.

Key Features

Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 4
Living Rooms: 2
Dining Rooms: 1
Suites: 3
Entrance Hall: 1
Kitchens: 1
Corridor: 1
Laundry Room: 1
Gas Station
Extractor Hood
Washing Machine
Double Glazed
Net Area: 500 m²
Gross Area: 550 m²
Bathroom Area (I): 6 m²
Bathroom Area (II): 6 m²
Bathroom Area (III): 11 m²
Bedroom Area (I): 37 m²
Bedroom Area (II): 18 m²
Bedroom Area (III): 18 m²
Living Room Area (I): 80 m²
Living Room Area (II): 38 m²
Suite Area: 37 m²
Gross Private Area: 550 m²


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