Torres Novas, Portugal

Farm, 6 Bedrooms • 2,300,000 €

Estate, 80 ha, located in Riachos, Torres Novas, 5 km from the centre of Golegã, one of the main references in the Ribatejo and Lezíria area. This large property comprises five urban items and nine rustic items, making up a total (registered) gross area of 1,801 sqm, including the main house, with manor features, other secondary houses, an agro-industrial building (Fábrica do Álcool), and several storage and agricultural support areas. The entire set is for recovery and full renovation within the scope of an urban-tourism project with high potential, about 1 hour away from Lisbon.The urban complex comprises several buildings around a large central patio, usual for this type of property, including several garden and patio areas that allow the creation of different areas and residential concepts. The characteristics of the main buildings point to a potential gross area of around 3,300 sqm and between 15 and 20 apartments according to the program to be developed.The property is located in an area with absolute privacy and tranquillity, in a rural environment, enhancing a range of additional activities of a recreational and sports nature (tennis, padel, mini-golf, archery, etc.), cultural nature (handicrafts), gastronomic nature (restaurant, wine tasting), sale of products, etc. In addition to the social and housing core, which occupies an area of about 12,000 sqm, the property comprises about 79 ha of agricultural land with olive groves, orchards, meadows, irrigated and dry arable crops, and pine forest.The farm is located 5 km from Golegã, 6 km from Torres Novas, 110 km from Lisbon and Humberto Delgado Airport and close to the main centres of historical, cultural and leisure interest in the region. It is also 40 km from Santarém, 25 km from Tomar, 30 km from the Barragem Castelo do Bode, 20 km from Constância, 15 km from Castelo de Almourol and 30 km from Abrantes.

Key Features

Bedrooms: 6
Bathrooms: 3
Living Rooms: 4
Entrance Hall: 1
Kitchens: 1
Gross Area: 1801 m²
Bathroom Area (I): 6 m²
Bathroom Area (II): 5 m²
Bathroom Area (III): 4 m²
Kitchen Area: 24 m²
Bedroom Area (I): 18 m²
Bedroom Area (II): 16 m²
Bedroom Area (III): 16 m²
Bedroom Area (IV): 14 m²
Bedroom Area (V): 14 m²
Bedroom Area (VI): 12 m²
Living Room Area (I): 40 m²
Living Room Area (II): 28 m²
Living Room Area (III): 20 m²
Living Room Area (IV): 25 m²
Terracearea: 185 m²
Storage Room
Outdoor Parking


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