Oeiras, Portugal

House, 6 Bedrooms • 1,800,000 €

Key Features

Bedrooms: 6
Bathrooms: 6
Living Rooms: 2
Childrens Playground
City Center
Public Transport
Extractor Hood
Net Area: 320 m²
Gross Area: 412 m²
Bathroom Area (I): 3.85 m²
Bathroom Area (II): 2.7 m²
Bathroom Area (III): 4.6 m²
Bathroom Area (IV): 3.9 m²
Bathroom Area (V): 4.5 m²
Bathroom Area (VI): 3.93 m²
Bedroom Area (I): 12.63 m²
Bedroom Area (II): 17.6 m²
Bedroom Area (III): 22.9 m²
Bedroom Area (IV): 15.9 m²
Bedroom Area (V): 16.6 m²
Bedroom Area (VI): 16.5 m²
Living Room Area (I): 21.4 m²
Living Room Area (II): 11.6 m²
Terracearea: 35 m²
Swimming Pool


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