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A region that makes up hundreds of miles of Portugal’s coastline, Algarve is a popular destination in Europe. It is famous for its spellbinding beaches, luscious cuisine, and temperate climate. Despite all that, it doesn’t have a high living cost, prompting many to seek property for sale at Algarve.

Algarve has a rich history that stretches back to the Neolithic period. Archaeologists have recovered artifacts that date as far back as 7000 BC. You can still observe the traces of those ancient civilizations today.

As a prominent strategic location in Europe, it has seen its fair share of history unfold. Portuguese ships set sail from Algarve in the late 15th century to explore new worlds and cultures. It is why you can visit several churches, forts, and castles that sit just shy of the coastline. 

Thanks to its favorable climate, Algarve is a perfect vacation spot for tourists from all over the globe. While some cities in the region offer modern settings with urban amenities, some offer a more secluded way of life. This is why the Algarve property is so popular. 

The view from the villas in Algarve is a sight to behold. The terrain is nothing like the rest of the country. The winds from the Mediterranean Sea push up waves to form distinctive patterns across the coast. Switch your view inland, and you shall find lush stretches of grasslands that transcend seemingly into dense forests. No wonder Algarve real estate is booming.

There are lots of houses for sale in Algarve to enjoy this beautiful region. We hope that this guide will help you make an informed decision to invest in an Algarve property.

In a Nutshell

Population: 438,864

Area: 4,997 km2

Distance from Main Airports: 7 km

Algarve portugal real estate

Exploring the Algarve


Before you invest in a property for sale in Algarve, you need to know about the transportation system. Unlike most other European coastal destinations, Algarve is relatively easy to reach. A well-paved road network connects it to the mainland from both Portugal and Spain. If driving is too tiring for you, you can always reach Algarve via train. Four different train lines operate in the region, connecting this fabled city to the rest of the mainland. A train ticket from Lisbon to Faro costs around €30.

Note that most tourists prefer the Faro airport near the capital city which operates with a capacity of eight million passengers. The Algarve's popularity as a tourist hub mostly depends on Faro airport which serves many European airlines. Almost all mainstream charted airlines can land at the airport. One-way flight tickets never exceed €80, regardless of the city of departure. The Faro airport is just four miles outside city limits, and you can easily hail a cab from outside the terminal. It’s a fair distance to reach the villas in Portugal Algarve.

Properties for sale in the Algarve


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Things To Do in the Algarve


Before investing in houses for sale in Algarve, note that the region offers a lot of aquatic sports as a significant coastal region. You can contact any of the numerous enterprises for various services, from jet skis to kayaking. Of course, you can take the initiative and go surfing or swimming, exploring the calm waters of the Mediterranean that kiss the shoreline. It’s a perfect choice to look for villas in Algarve if you’re a fan of watersports.

Historic Architecture

Over the course of history, Algarve has seen a lot of evolution in its architecture. Each civilization left a mark on the overall infrastructure. Whether it is the Roman buildings in Tavira or the Arab-built streets of Loulé, you can sense echoes of history throughout the Algarve region. A more detailed inspection awaits the curious minds of those who visit the museums in Monchique or the castles in Silves.

Thermal Baths

For an even more relaxing experience, tourists can retreat to the thermal baths. Algarve is Portugal’s hub for medicinal treatment through spas and thalassotherapy. You can often spot patients who seek out Algarve apartments for sale so that they can get easy access to specific treatments.

Cruises and Day Trips

The natural landscape of the Algarve is the perfect place to take a break from city life. In cities such as Lagos and Albufeira,  pleasant cruises are organized all year long. On the other hand, natural preserves near Alcoutim and Sagres allow exciting treks inland.

Golf Courses

Golf is something of a favorite pastime for those who own Algarve real estate. There are more than five championship golf courses in the city of Vilamoura alone. The upmarket coastal resort is a favorite of those who wish to practice their swing. Many hotels even offer inducements such as green fees or free shuttle service to make their golf trips more convenient.

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