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Aveiro is popularly called the Venice of Portugal. This is due to the canals flowing through the city and bright Moliceiro boats floating on it. The city offers a relaxed life, mouth-watering food, and historical architecture close to the ocean which makes the Aveiro property for sale very attractive.

Some may consider Aveiro Portugal real estate to be the lesser-known choice. However, investing in Aveiro real estate can be fruitful. 

The town’s streets have the typical Portuguese look along with red roof buildings. The city has a contrast of old and new buildings, increasing the popularity of the Aveiro property for sale.

Apart from canals and the Atlantic ocean at your doorstep, you’ll get to spend time in beautiful gardens here. Visit the Jardim do Rosso at the Doutor Lourenço Peixinho street to find calm in the largest green space in the town.

Besides, the place is delightful for those who enjoy activities such as golfing, surfing, and swimming. The Portuguese cuisine with fresh ingredients is another charm of this small city.

The weather may get a bit cold in winters, but it’s still comfortable enough compared to other regions. The Mediterranean climate has an average temperature of 24°C in the summer months.

While the winters have an average temperature of 14°C, the coldest spell may drop the temperature to 10°C for a few weeks.

While looking for homes for sale in Aveiro Portugal or apartments for sale in Aveiro Portugal, it’s fun to spend time in Aveiro’s natural beauty. Also, you may visit the lovely open-air mall with over 70 stores.

We hope this guide will help you decide to invest in Aveiro real estate.

In a Nutshell

Population: 80,880

Area: 199.9 km2

Distance from Main Airports: 87 km

Aveiro portugal real estate

Exploring Aveiro


If you want to invest in property for sale in Aveiro Portugal, you should learn about the transportation system. Luckily, Aveiro is well connected with the service of boats, trains, and buses. Both the railway and the bus station are located one km away on the city's eastern side. The bus station at Rua de Artur Almeida Eça is east of the railway station. All these options make Aveiro very appealing.

The nearest airport to Aveiro is Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport in Porto. It's located 80 km to the north of Aveiro. It’s a fair distance to reach Aveiro houses. On the other hand, Portela International Airport in Lisbon is the second nearest airport. It's located 250 km to the south of Aveiro. Excellent connections to the rest of Portugal make it easier for people to look for property for sale in Aveiro Portugal.

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Things To Do in Aveiro

Museu de Aveiro

Experience the architecture and religious art that has been collected from different monasteries around Aveiro. Also, observe the old Renaissance painting work, carved stonework, azulejos glazed tiles, jewelry, and furniture. The cloister is a work of the 15th and 16th centuries. It has astonishing geometric tiles along with two tiers of galleries surrounding the central fountain.  You might also want to check out these pieces of art while looking for houses for sale in Aveiro Portugal. 

Aveiro's Canals

Walking around the canals is an activity that is appreciated by locals and those who’re looking for Aveiro houses. These canals are a must-see for their pristine character and calmness. You’ll find them across historical locations as well as new city buildings. Moreover, you’ll find a good spot to see . There are several picturesque moments along these canals, from the park to the pastel-colored houses. There’s also beautiful Art Nouveau architecture in the Rossio area to explore. 

Praia da Barra

This is the perfect spot for those who need some beach time. It’s just 10 km away from Aveiro. You may choose to spend your time on the upper beach, Praia Velha. This is where the Aveiro lagoon meets the ocean. It’s the perfect place to look for homes for sale in Aveiro Portugal.  Another great activity is to relax at the open beach on the south side with a long wooden walkway. Besides, you can surf here on the rolling waves.

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