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Braga is the third biggest urban center in Portugal, falling in a transitional zone. This means you can enjoy beaches, green valleys, lush forests, and mountains in this beautiful place. Also, an investment in real estate Braga Portugal can be a good decision if you want to experience the European lifestyle.

Cávado River surrounds it on the north, and on the south, the mountain range of Serra dos Picos covers its feet. On the eEast the mountains of Serra dos Carvalhos, separate the municipalities of Vila Nova de Famalico and Barcelos.

Braga is one of the oldest Christian cities and hence called the Rome of Portugal. It covers an area of 184 square kilometers and harbors many religious and historically beautiful monuments. 

Furthermore, the Roman rule back in 136 BC predominately defines the culture and folklore of Braga. This is why you can find art-laden churches and historically built monuments depicting the stories of Roman rule.

If you’re looking for a surreal experience, visit Braga during the Holy Week (The week of Easter). During this period, the locals celebrate Semana Santa. 

Thanks to its pleasant warm weather all year round, locals and tourists from other countries prefer Braga for a great weekend getaway. However, it takes longer to soak in the authentic Braga experience. This is why investing in a property for sale in Braga Portugal can be a great option.

Real estate Braga Portugal has very high potential as it can provide beachside villas or affordable Braga apartments. Whatever you choose, there will be no compromise on the comfort of your living.

We hope this guide will be helpful before you invest in Braga real estate.

In a Nutshell

Population: 121,394

Area: 183.5 km2

Distance from Main Airports: 7 km

Braga portugal real estate

Exploring Braga


Before deciding on investing in property for sale in Braga Portugal, you should learn about the transportation system. To enjoy the city's beauty to the fullest, it is best to travel on foot. Braga has a network of many narrow alleyways that connect several monuments and street vendors. To travel from one primary location to another, you can use the bus network. While you hunt houses for sale Braga Portugal options, hiring a car is advisable to save time. Taxi is another great option if you are not comfortable driving yourself.

If you are planning to invest in houses for sale Braga Portugal, you should note that Braga has its own regional airport known as the Aerodromo de Braga, located in Palmeira. However, as an international traveler, you will need to travel to the principal airport called Francisco de Sá Carneiro International Airport (OPO) in Porto. OPO is 50 kilometers away from the city. To reach the airport, you need to take an Aerobus from the city center, which will take around 50 minutes. This is a fair distance and appreciated by many who live in Braga.

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Things To Do in Braga

Se de Braga (The Cathedral of Braga)

While looking at Braga apartments for sale, you can’t miss this marvelous Roman Cathedral. Its aisles have a wooden roof while being the home to five Eastern chapels. It’s hard to miss the high choir with striking medieval paintings, which is the main tourist attraction. The main chapel has 14th-century statues of the Virgin Mary on its wall, while its roof has rib vaulting. If you’re a history lover, you’ll be looking for Braga houses for sale.

Praca da Republica

Praca da Republica is an excellent combination of modern-day comfort and ancient architecture. Present in the heart of the city, this plaza is always bustling with tourists. You can enjoy numerous restaurants, a few churches, fountains, and blooming flowers. It’s an excellent location to sit, relax, enjoy yourself, or simply walk around. Spending time in Praca da Republica is one of the most popular activities among both locals and tourists who are exploring Braga.

Palacio dos Biscainhos

At the Palacio dos Biscainhos, you’ll learn about the lives of Portuguese nobles from centuries ago. The baroque-style manor house was home to the royal family for 300 years. This beautiful house was built in the late 16th century. It is now a museum where you can find rooms with vintage furniture. There is also a display of pottery, glassware, and silverware.

Enjoy the Outdoors

Barga is an excellent place for outdoor activities. You can enjoy hiking in the luscious green valleys. A hike in the central park will lead you to the breathtaking view from the church located on the hilltop.

Museu de Arte Sacra

The Treasury of the Cathedral houses the Museum of Sacred Art, which has a rich selection of religious artworks and other holy artifacts. Antique statues, delicate carvings, and magnificent 17th and 18th-century azulejo tiles are among the main exhibits. While you’re exploring Braga, make sure you pay a visit to this spot as well.

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