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Cascais is a Portuguese town in the Lisbon district. It has seen an increase in popularity over the past few years thanks to its perfect beaches that attract people. Some are vacationing here or looking for Cascais houses for sale.

The highlight of this town is the Conde de Castro Guimarães Museum which offers visitors an impressive collection of art pieces and historical artifacts. It’s also one of the most picturesque towns on Portugal’s west coast. Sandy beaches make Cascais real estate irresistible. 

The town’s medieval fortifications make it worth exploring for history buffs as well! Nearby you’ll find one very notable church, Nossa Senhora da Assunção church. It’s made with glazed azulejo tiles that make you want to look for Cascais apartments for sale.

For art lovers, there is Paula Rego House of Stories which shows paintings by this renowned Portuguese artist. It also has other contemporary artwork from around Europe. Visitors to Cascais are often taken aback by the town’s manicured parks. 

Some shops offer traditional items like pottery, lace, and quality clothing from high-end brands. Visitors and locals can spend time in restaurants that provide outdoor seating for dining.

The climate in Cascais is perfect for year-round activities like golf and sailing. With temperatures from 12°C in winter to 28°C, Cascais has a pleasant climate. The favorable sun conditions make it an ideal spot to sunbathe in the villas Cascais. 

Cascais Homes for Sale

With its perfect nature and wonderful historical background, apartments in Cascais are getting more and more popular. Here is some local information about this lovely town for those who want to buy a property in Cascais.

Starting a new life by buying a house in Cascais can be a great opportunity.  We hope that this guide will help you find everything you need to know before investing in apartments in Cascais. 

In a Nutshell

Population: 214,158

Area: 97.40 km2

Distance from Main Airports: 34 km

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Exploring Cascais


Knowing the transportation methods is crucial before deciding to buy a house in Cascais. Your life will be simpler if you buy a Cascais property as there are plenty of walking opportunities around the town. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes as some streets are made of cobblestones and there are steep hills. There's a taxi rank in the center of the town for those who want a break from walking.

You can reach Cascais from the Lisbon Airport in thirty-five minutes during moderate traffic hours. For a comfortable and convenient way to get from Lisbon Airport, you may use a taxi or a train. The train fare will be around €4. Your car ride fare will depend upon the meter and the exact location. There may be extra charges, such as late-night driving and public holidays.

Properties for sale in Cascais

Things To Do in Cascais

Praia da Rainha

Anyone on a hunt for Cascais houses for sale considers the beaches a solid attraction to move here. The beaches are picturesque, with clear blue water and low cliffs. Villas Cascais near Praia da Rainha is part of this perfect atmosphere. Besides, there are bars and cafes to have a great time on the beach.

Boca Do Inferno

When you’re done exploring the beaches, you may find Sintra-Cascais Natural Park along the rocky coastline. Many people come here in the evening to watch the beautiful sunset. You can enjoy exploring these limestone cliffs that are a short walk away from the marina. The ocean surges through the hole in the bluff, making Cascais real estate a popular option near Boca Do Inferno.

Museu Condes De Castro Guimarães

Here you can witness a Gothic revival stone tower and mullioned windows with Manueline-style moldings. The museum also has Indo-Portuguese furniture and prehistoric archaeology.

If you’re a book lover, you’ll be delighted with the library with 25,000 volumes dating back from 1505 to the 1600s. Museu Condes De Castro Guimarães is a gem for those who love literature and history.


If you like an adventure in the waves, head to the windswept beaches in the natural park. Try kite surfing at Praia da Cresmina and Praia do Guincho as a fun activity. There are several surf schools and camps for different course durations. You may also do kayaking and paddleboarding for the adrenaline rush. These laps of nature entice many tourists to invest in the Cascais apartments for sale.

Museu do Mar Rei Dom Carlos I

You can spend evenings in the town’s maritime museum, named after oceanographer King Carlos. The museum has permanent exhibitions studying natural history, navigation, and ocean ecology. You can discover the artifacts from shipwrecks in the Tagus Estuary. Aside from this, you can learn about the evolution of life in the oceans. This museum makes you want to invest in the Cascais property for sale.

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