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Just eastward of Silver Coast is the historic city of Coimbra. It is a stark contrast to the bustling shoreline, having quiet and relaxing aesthetics. The cobbled streets and stone arches reminded onlookers of simpler times centuries ago. It is also why many seek to invest in Coimbra Portugal real estate.

Coimbra was the capital of Portugal until the 13th century. It still retains much cultural importance and has a lot of locations that draw influence from the pages of history. A major attraction is the University of Coimbra. It was built in 1260 AD, making it one of the oldest educational institutions in Europe.

A stroll along the riverfront will tell you more about the city’s evolution over the centuries. Its architecture draws inspiration from traditional Portuguese design and colonial inputs from the likes of Romans and Moors. This architecture makes many people fall in love with the property in Coimbra Portugal. 

If you want to stay in the area longer and make further explorations, you can look for an apartment in Coimbra. 

The place also sees its fair share of festivities. Students comprise the majority of the population. So, the city brightens up during the Queimas das Fitas (Burning of Ribbons) festival. It is when the students finally burn their ribbons as they complete their graduation ceremony. For festival lovers, it’ll be a great choice to invest in a Coimbra property for sale. 

We hope that you’ll enjoy reading our guide before you make a decision to invest in houses for sale in Coimbra. Having an idea about a Coimbra property will definitely make your decisions easier. 

In a Nutshell

Population: 438,864

Area: 4,997 km2

Distance from Main Airports: 7 km

Coimbra portugal real estate

Exploring Coimbra


You need to learn the transportation system before investing in Coimbra Portugal real estate. Coimbra’s location along the Mondego river grants a lot of opportunities for you to make your way into town. Boat travel from the coastal towns of Figueira da Foz is the most convenient and pocket-friendly way. Many central train and bus routes converge in Coimbra as well. It connects both to the mainland and the shoreside cities. Moreover, numerous agencies in the town offer urban trains and assisted cabs for the elderly to travel without issues.

Noe that there are no major airports in Coimbra. The nearest one is the Porto airport which is 135 km drive away. However most visitors prefer the Lisbon alternative since it has better transport services and more chartered flights. During the low season, you can quickly get a return flights for less than €150 from any major European city. Those prices can rise pretty fast in the summer, easily above €200. After purchasing an apartment in Coimbra and start living there, you can travel around in Europe easily.

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Things To Do in Coimbra

Visiting the Almedina Gate

The entire Walled City doesn’t exist anymore, yet the Almedina Gate stands firm in all its glory. You can learn a lot when you’re visiting the city and searching for a Coimbra property. Several exhibitions take place here throughout the year.

Se Nova de Coimbra (New Cathedral)

Contrary to its name, the New Cathedral took in its first visitors more than 400 years ago. The spectacular bell towers and four Jesuit saint statues adorn its walls, adding grace to its ornamental architecture. It is not that easy to miss as it is present near the town square and is a stone’s throw away from the University of Coimbra.

Stroll Through the Botanical Garden

Coimbra’s Botanical Garden offers an enjoyable walk for those who wish to explore the best of nature. When it finished construction in 1773, the main objective was to preserve rare medicinal plants. Over time, it transformed into one of the most attractive gardens in Europe.

The Biblioteca Joanina

With over 300,000 ancient books and manuscripts that date back to the 15th century, the Biblioteca Joanina is a spellbinding Baroque library. You can find it on the University of Coimbra campus. The Portuguese King John V commissioned its construction in the 18th century to preserve crucial knowledge for future generations.

The Monastery of Santa Cruz

The Monastery of Santa Cruz is the tomb of the first two monarchs of Portugal. It was constructed in 1131 and displays the Renaissance design of the time beautifully. The fountain at the center is a pleasurable sight with its detailed carvings. If you are a history buff, you’ll feel the urge to look for a Coimbra property for sale. 

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