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Evora is a captivating city located in the heart of Portugal. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is known for its stunning architecture, rich history, and delicious food. Evora is a great place to visit year-round, especially during the spring when the weather is mild, and the flowers are in bloom.

The architecture of the white houses, tiles, and balconies are among the highlights of Evora real estate. Evora is the greatest example of a city in Portugal’s golden age after the 1755 Lisbon earthquake because of these characteristics. It was also in Evora that the idea to create Portuguese cities in Brazil like Salvador da Bahia came about.

If we talk about a normal day, it’s a bliss to walk around the old town’s narrow cobblestone streets to discover hidden gems such as tiled fountains and flower-flecked squares.

The region’s distinctive characteristics are on display in the bustling city center. The cobblestoned streets, art galleries, ancient gates, and merchant shops give the area a touch of medieval charm. 

On the other hand, restaurants serve some of Portugal’s most delicious cuisine. Alongside colorful handicraft stores and family-owned cafés, underground arcades provide further interest.

There are several tourist attractions in Evora that make someone look for houses for sale in Evora Portugal. One of the most popular is the Roman Temple of Evora, built in the 1st century AD. It’s one of the best-preserved Roman temples in Portugal. 

The Chapel of Bones, also known as the Capela dos Ossos, is a popular destination for history lovers. It’s a small chapel that has bones and skulls of 5,000 monks on display.

Other tourist attractions in Evora include the Evora Cathedral, the Igreja de São Francisco, the aqueduct of Evora, and the Evora Municipal Museum.

In a Nutshell

Population: 56,596

Area: 1,307 km²

Distance from Main Airports: 131 km

Evora portugal real estate

Exploring Evora


Learning transportation methods is important if you want to invest in property for sale in Evora Portugal. Lisbon Oriente Railway Station is the terminus for all rail connections to Evora. In addition, there is a local bus and subway stop in the same complex. There are several daily trains to Evora, which depart from Lisbon Oriente Railway Station. The train tickets are more expensive than those on the local bus line. The trip time, on the other hand, will be shorter. The Evora Station is approximately 500 meters from the city center, making rail transportation another excellent option for getting there. Another way to reach Evora is by bus. You can take a bus from Lisbon's Sete Rios Bus Station. There is a high frequency of bus movements between two places.

If you're planning to make an investment in Evora, note that you'll need to fly to Lisbon Airport to reach Evora by flight. Lisbon airport is about 132 km away from Evora. So, it'll take around two hours to reach Evora from Lisbon airport. There are no domestic airports in Evora, which leaves visitors with the option of buses, rental cars, taxis, or trains. You can choose trains, but there are no direct trains. For traveling by train, your first stop will be Oriente. Then from Oriente, you'll have to take another train to Evora. It seems a little hard to reach Evora however, the beauty of this city is enough reason for people to invest in Evora property for sale. Once you complete your investment and start living in your house, you'll realize you've made a good choice.

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Things To Do in Evora

Evora Roman Temple

This is a Corinthian temple with architectural excellence dating back to the 1st century AD. Upon reaching, you’ll notice how distinctive the materials used for making the Temple are. Granite is the primary material for making the fluted column; bases and capitals are marble, brought from Estremoz (40 km to the northeast). If you love historical architecture, you’d definitely want to invest in a property for sale in Evora Portugal.

Hiking and Biking

When you visit Evora, you’ll have the chance to explore the flora and fauna around it. You can explore trails by bike or on foot. There are three major trails near Evora – Ecopista – Ramal de Reguengos, Caminhos do Degebe e Caminhos do Divor. These nature-rich trails will let you explore Evora more closely. There are lots of houses for sale in Evora Portugal. These laps of nature entice many people to invest in the Evora real estate.

Igreja São João Evangelista

The church of St. John the Evangelist’s modest box-like appearance belies its spectacular interior. It has a floor-to-ceiling starburst of stunning early 18th-century azulejo (tile) panels depicting events from the life of Saint Lourenço.

Praça do Giraldo

It’s one of the happening places in Evora which is full of tourists, especially in the summer. In summers, many nearby cafes set their tables around the esplanade. It can be your perfect unforgettable date spot in Evora that makes you want to invest in Evora real estate.

Your Guide to Portugal

Evora Real Estate

Evora’s real estate scene is rich with character. It offers a mix of historic homes and contemporary properties. Situated in Portugal’s Alentejo region, it presents a unique opportunity for traditional and modern living.

What is Evora Known For?

Evora is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has well-preserved medieval architecture and a vibrant cultural scene. Mmosaic of cobbled streets, ancient ruins, and Gothic cathedrals will take you on a history tour.

Which is Better, Evora or Coimbra?

Evora offers a more relaxed, historically rich environment. However, Coimbra is known for its lively university culture and dynamic atmosphere.

What Does Evora Real Estate Stand for?

Evora real estate stands for quality, authenticity, and a connection to Portugal’s rich heritage. Properties in Evora are both timeless and tailored to contemporary living.

Evora Real Estate for Sale: Where To Buy a Real Estate

In Evora, you can look for real estate in the historic city center for an authentic experience. Or you have an option for more modern, spacious properties.

Some of the popular choices for Evora real estate are:

  • Giraldo Square
  • The Area of the University of Evora

What are the Advantages of Buying Property in Evora?

Rich Historical Charm: Evora’s houses have distinctive historical elements.

Growing Tourist Attraction: Evora’s increasing appeal to tourists has the potential to increase rental income.

Value for Money: Evora has more reasonable real estate possibilities.

Strong Community Feel: Evora’s community sense makes it easy for new inhabitants to feel at home.

Potential for Appreciation: Property prices may rise over time when we consider the city’s expanding popularity.

What Can You Expect from Evora Real Estate?

Expect a variety of properties in Evora. You can find restored traditional houses or modern apartments. The real estate market in Evora combines the allure of ancient architecture with the comforts of modern living.