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The Silver Coast in Portugal gets its name from the glimmer of the sun as it reflects over the water in summer. It creates an illusion of the water being silver in color. Figuratively, it is a magnificent vacation spot for nature lovers to invest in homes for sale on Portugal Silver Coast. The region strikes a balance between packed cities and tranquil villages spread out over 93 miles of coastline. So much so that Silver Coast real estate is worth its weight not in silver but gold.

This location has seen a lot of pages of history turn. The historical city of Nazaré was an important port that housed the Portuguese naval fleet during medieval times. Despite being a point of contention during all major conflicts, it still retained much of its traditional charm. The city of Coimbra has a university that dates back to the year 1290 AD.

The locals often refer to the Silver Coast as the Algarve of the North. Much like the Algarve, you’ll find a variety of beaches, both rich in natural tropical spectacles and artificial amenities. They allow you to enjoy the cuisine that is characteristic of West Portugal and the entire country.

The region is also famous for its distinctive vineyards. Silver Coast has a route of 25 homesteads, each specializing in making a particular wine. You can drive through each one of them, tasting their flavorful delicacies along the way. Many people would look over Silver Coast houses for sale just for a constant supply of fine wine available at their beck and call.

The Silver Coast enjoys tourist-friendly weather all year. The maximum temperature in summers never exceeds 30°C and doesn’t go below 14°C during the winters. While you can easily ride the waves any time, the early spring is when the surfing and swimming season truly ramps up. Houses for sale Portugal Silver Coast will offer you an unforgettable experience.

The unique location and ambiance of this region in West Portugal offer many activities for visitors. You can find the details below before deciding to invest in Silver Coast houses for sale. 

In a Nutshell

Population: 438,864

Coastline: 240 km

Distance from Main Airports: 120 km

Silver Coast portugal real estate

Exploring the Silver Coast


You should become familiar with the transportation system of this region before investing in the Silver Coast real estate. The Silver Coast has a convenient seaside port and multiple major roads that open up inland. You can access the country's major highways (A8, A15, and IP6) via a short drive outside the city limits. Taxis are a convenient yet expensive alternative for road transport. A one-way cab from anywhere outside the city can cost you more than €100. It is why rental cars are more prevalent in the area.

Note that he Silver Coast doesn’t have an airport within its borders. However, you can book your flight tickets to Lisbon or Porto. It takes around a two-hour drive from Lisbon Airport to reach the Silver Coast. From Porto airport, it'll take around three or four hours. Both these airports welcome more than 40 million travelers coming and going from all around the world. Proximity to Porto and Lisbon airports is very appealing to international investors who want to make a property investment in the Silver Coast and live there.

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Things To Do in the Silver Coast

Boating and Watersports

Silver Coast is the Western Portugal hub for everything fun related to water. It has surfing schools and boatyards that you can pick and choose from online resources before making your trip. No wonder this region plays host to several national and international-level watersport events. Houses for sale Portugal Silver Coast offers will draw you if you’re a thalassophile!

Art and History

Historical cities like Peniche and Nazaré allow you to take in the stories from several centuries ago. The Silver Coast has had influences from various crucial turns in history, many of which survive spiritually. Once you become amazed by the charm of these spots, you’ll definitely want to look for homes for sale Portugal Silver Coast offers. 

Adventure Treks

Towns like Foz do Arelho that connect the sandy shorelines inland have beautiful mountain ranges. It makes for an excellent opportunity for adventure-seekers. They can plan an exciting trek away from any significant inkling of civilization.


The serene environment that permeates Silver Coast makes for excellent golf courses never too far to reach. You can practice your swingarm by locating one easily within any city. For golf lovers, it’ll be useful to invest in Silver Coast houses for sale.


The city of Óbidos hosts numerous carnivals and festivities throughout the year. These include the International Chocolate Festival, the Christmas Village, and the Medieval Market. The bars and counters that serve ginja liquor in edible chocolate glasses are a big attraction.

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