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Anyone would love to live at a location with an economy, and of course, high living standards. If you’re seeking an overseas home, Lisbon is the best answer for you. Lisbon satisfies all the basic conditions that a person requires in a location. Lisbon real estate is a good option to move to Portugal by making an investment. Follow what Lisboa real estate aspects are;

Advantages of Lisbon Real Estate Investment

Lisbon has a lot of reasons to attract your investment;

  • High Returns

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Lisbon Portugal real estate has managed to stay unaffected. There has been a significant increase in property prices in Lisbon. As of November 2020, property prices were up by 5.83 percent, and they are still on the rise. Hence, if you buy a property in Lisbon, it will yield the best returns in the future.

  • Relief on Taxes

Another cool benefit of investing in Lisbon real estate is Tax relief. Portugal has a program named the non-habitual resident (NHR) scheme, according to which the fiscal residents of the country get great incentives on taxes.

  • Golden Visa

Investing in Lisbon Portugal real estate has never been easier. The Golden Visa program, which provides permanent residence permit to those who invest at least €500,000 and live there for a period of five years with their family or more than two years individually is one reason why families have chosen this country as an investment destination over recent years.

What You Should Consider Before Buying Property in Lisbon?

Lisbon has well-renovated Lisbon property for sale. Though you should know some factors before making your final pick.


Research different neighborhoods to find one that suits your lifestyle if you’re buying a Portugal property. Consider proximity to amenities, public transport, and the overall vibe of the area.


Determine your budget, including additional costs like taxes, legal fees, and renovations. Lisbon properties vary from affordable apartments to luxury homes.


Are you buying for investment, retirement, or as a primary residence? Your purpose will influence the type of property and location.

Legal Requirements

Understand the legal process of buying property in Portugal, including necessary documentation and taxes. Consulting a local real estate attorney can be beneficial.

Why Are You Buying Lisboa Property?

You should ask yourself before buying property is why are you buying it? If you are not planning to live in Lisbon, you can rent out the property. Then, you should know about rental yield and taxes. Here are other questions about Lisbon Portugal real estate;

What Do You Expect From Your Lisboa Property?

You need to evaluate your expectations before making your choice and ask;

-How many beds and baths do you prefer in your home?

-Do you prefer Lisbon houses for sale in the city center or on the periphery near the beach?

-What kind of house do you need, like villas or Lisbon apartments for sale?

Can Foreigners Buy Property in Lisbon?

Foreigners can buy property in Lisbon. The process is straightforward, and there are no restrictions on foreign property ownership in Portugal. Investing in Lisbon real estate can also be a path to obtaining residency through the Golden Visa program.

What Is Your Budget for Lisbon Real Estate ?

Before looking for properties, you need to closely plan your budget for real estate in Lisbon. Ensure that while planning your overall budget, you include all the potential costs involved, such as taxes, maintenance costs, transfer costs, etc.

Is it better to buy or rent in Lisbon?

Buying in Lisbon is a wise investment due to the city’s growing real estate market. However, renting can offer flexibility and less financial commitment. Your decision should depend on your long-term plans, financial situation, and lifestyle preferences.

Where To Buy a Real Estate in Lisbon?

Lisbon is a big city and has various spots. You can plan to buy Lisbon houses for sale or rental property. Let’s quickly check out other spots!

  • Alfama

The best part about Alfama is that you’re right next to all the tourist attractions and at the same time you get a residential area to call home. Thus, it’s an ideal spot for tourists with its lively style. After Lisboa real estate , it is one of the best choices for investment.

  • Bairro Alto

Barrio Alto is the place to be on Saturday nights. It has a diverse mix of people from all over, enjoying life in Barrios’ popular restaurants and happening bars or shopping.

  • Priçipe Real

The Príncipe Real neighborhood has quickly become one of the most sought-after areas in Lisbon for its hilly views, picturesque gardens, and an abundance of coffee shops lining cobblestone streets.

  • Baixa

Baixa is the heart of Lisbon. The place to be if you’re looking for restaurants, cafes, and fine dining experiences. 

  • Chiado

Chiado is Lisbon’s most central area with its charming cafés; upmarket shopping streets with independent boutiques, restaurants, bars, pubs, and clubs. The Museum of Modern Art can be enjoyed all year round.

  • Graça

The Graça district is home to many of the city’s steep, narrow streets and its most traditional architecture. Some of them are several churches; old tascas; cafés, pastry shops, and traditional restaurants. If you’re planning to buy a Lisbon property for sale, you’ve made the right decision. You just need to keep some of these important points in mind.