Why are British people moving to Portugal – Werner Gruner explains

Leaving the UK is far more profound than merely purchasing a home and making an investment abroad. British people are looking for a better lifestyle, both for themselves and their families. But why are British people moving to Portugal and investing there? Our regional partner Werner Gruner explains.

Why are British moving or investing in Portugal? 

  1. First reason is because Portugal and UK have the oldest treaty between two nations in the world.
  2. Second, it’s because British citizens are visiting and living in Portugal for many, many decades. 
  3. Third, the good weather. 

So, it’s difficult to compare the Portuguese weather with the British weather, we always win. Then, it’s the lifestyle. Several British families have a house in the Algarve, they just come for the weekend on the friday evening to Faro airport. They play golf on saturday, have some nice seafood and some nice wine and on monday morning they return back to London, to the city. So, traditionally Portugal has always been a good port, a good location for Brits to live, retire or have a second home. Now, this all has been exponentially increased by the Brexit. Now, British citizens are looking for a second citizenship in order to be able to be wherever they want to be. And this has increased the number of British citizens that want to relocate to Portugal permanently or periodically, or even have a plan b, a solution to freely travel within Europe.

About Werner Gruner

Werner Gruner has over 25 years of experience in the real estate and technology sectors. Gruner is an expert in the real estate and fund markets in Portugal and has helped hundreds of families obtain Golden Visas through various investment types. He currently serves as the regional partner and director of Get Golden Visa in Portugal. Based in Lisbon, he holds a Business Management degree, and is fluent in Portuguese, German, English, Spanish, and French.

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