Why You Should Work With a Buyer’s Agent – Our Experts Explain

Property search in Portugal can be challenging and stressful, particularly if you’re a first-time buyer. It might make a world of difference to have an independent advisor and a buyer’s agent on your side.

Our Sr. Sales Executive Mary Kuffel explains how it might make a world of difference to have a buyer’s agent on your side. In this first-introductory- Why You Should Work With a Buyer’s Agent Hiring a buyer’s agent, working with our company at GET, is a very important topic for our clients. As buyer’s agents, as the name suggests, we’re independent investment advisors only supporting you, the buyer in the market. It’s really important, the real estate market in Portugal is pretty complex, to put it lightly. Now, most of the time real estate agents are only supporting the seller.

Well, who would be representing you as the buyer?

That’s where we come in. The buying process from start to finish, we will help hold your hand.There is a lot of things to consider. Initially of course, property, location, neighborhood, the climate, school districts, something as small as the lighting of the property, we would help you juggle all of these details. Then of course the hard work; negotiating, fighting for you, fighting for the best deal, and really making sure that we’re sharing the pros and cons, of course. And really helping bring you a very balanced offer. That way, there is no buyer’s remorse. Now, continuing on as a buyer’s agent, because we have your back we want to make sure that the whole market is transparent and opened up to you. This is why it is important to hire buyer’s agents. Work with GET, and we will have your back.

About Mary Kuffel

Mary Kuffel, Investment Advisor, Portugal Meet Mary Kuffel, an investment advisor at Get Golden Visa's Portugal team. Originally from the US, she's been living in Lisbon since 2018. She has a degree in Business Management and a six year work experience in the IT sector. Mary excels at building strong relationships with clients and providing clear explanations of complex real estate and fund investment information, ensuring financial transparency throughout the process.

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