Why Is British Capital Fleeing the Island

In this report, our research team discusses why the British capital is moving out of the United Kingdom and the reasons behind British investors’ appetite for properties abroad.

For many, reasons for leaving the UK are far more profound than merely purchasing a home and making an investment abroad. British people are looking for a better lifestyle, both for themselves and their families. While achieving this by acquiring properties is an increasingly popular solution, attractive tax schemes offered by EU countries are getting a lot of attention

Why Brits are leaving the UK

As new political realities emerge and economic conditions evolve, people become more comfortable with the idea of buying properties outside of their home country. A growing number of people are looking for homes abroad and British citizens are no exception. While some are motivated mainly by the prospect of a profitable investment, an increasing number of people in the UK are buying properties abroad to experience a better quality of life.


Social and political
unrest in the UK


Rising living costs in the UK


Lifestyle change


Retirement plan

Why Brits are leaving the UK

We contacted an extensive database of Britons to explore why they are motivated to buy property outside of the UK. We have found that more and more are opting to leave the country for social and political reasons while for some having a home in a sunnier climate is the main driver.